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News Archive 2010

Willing Participants

Silver River, the production company behind Grow Your Own Drugs, Supersizers Go... and Pulling, are currently producing a brand new, groundbreaking Science programme and we're looking for willing participants. The programme will uncover the amazing world of latent abilities. We have been advised of certain people we should target, who are more likely to have these latent abilities. One of these key areas is the Armed Forces.

It might be someone with unusually long thighs, an ability to hold their breath for ages underwater or a perfect musical pitch - whatever it is, if that potential were identified, unlocked and nurtured, a whole world of opportunity could be opened up to them. For example, have you ever watched Top Gun and thought 'that should have been me'? This programme may reveal you were really born to be a jet fighter pilot as your latent ability makes you the perfect candidate.

As these latent abilities go undiscovered in most of us, there's no way of knowing until you're tested for them. We're looking to hear from anyone who wants to find out if they might have an amazing ability that could lead to a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The deadline for applications is 1st November 2010 and it is open to anyone over the age of 16.

For further details, please email where you will receive an application automatically.

BBC Logo

Have you ever served in Afghanistan?

Did you film your experiences there?

Whether you're serving or retired, your footage could be part of a unique series...
The BBC is making a series of programmes about the conflict in Afghanistan and are asking for your assistance.

For further information, please read our article here at:

Downtime and Security Warning

In the early hours of Sunday (19th September) morning we were alerted that our Advertising Server that serves adverts to our network of sites had been attacked.

Because some adverts were served here to Military Forums, Google and StopBadWare had issued our domain name and Military Forums a warning to all visitors that visited.

While we had secured our system, the warnings remained in place for nearly 24 hours.
We were not happy about this, but during the weekend the process of clearing this warning took longer than expected which we were not in control off. As third party companies issue these warnings.

The warnings are automatically displayed if you visited us via Google or by using the Mozilla Firefox browser.
This warning is to assure you that there maybe a risk and we wouldn't blame anyone for not acknowledging and staying clear. Your computer security is essential in this day and age of technology.

I would like to re-assure you that if you visited Military Forums during the displayed warning and entered our services your computer was not at risk. The problem had been resolved very quickly in the early hours of the morning while we waited for the warning to be lifted.

No other data and personal data was affected, only our advertising service had been affected.

All our services are now back running as per normal.

Whilst this event was out of our hands and out of our control, we would still like to apologise for the downtime and inconvenience this may have caused.

Many thanks.

The Royal British Legion - Exmoor hosts ultimate endurance challenge

On Saturday 9 October, The Royal British Legion is challenging super-fit people to race across 30 miles of moor land carrying a 30lb (13.6kg) rucksack.

The Exmoor 30:30 challenge will see teams of five tackle the tough terrain and unsettled weather conditions of Exmoor National Park carrying the equivalent of a three-year-old child each.

For further information, please read our new article here at:

The Royal British Legion Resettlement Website

The Royal British Legion

Stars of Dragons' Den and The Apprentice have voiced their support to a Royal British Legion website specialising in helping members of the Armed Forces readjust to life on Civvy Street.

For further information, please read our article here at:

Social Networking - Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

After much delay we have finally arrived on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
If you hold an account with any or all, please feel free to add us and let all your friends know.

Facebook  Twitter  YouTube

The Royal British Legion Be The Boss Scheme

Armed Forces leavers given chance to start up own businesses

The Royal British Legion is helping ex-Service personnel to start up or grow their own businesses.

The 'Be The Boss' scheme, designed for those who have left the Armed Forces since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan in 2001, has been funded by a £5m grant from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and will be delivered by the Legion and partner agencies across the UK from today.

For further information, please read our new article here at:

Book Review

In The Ranks Of Death

For further information, please read our review here at:

Prisoner Of The Gestapo

For further information, please read our review here at:

Book Review

Images of War - Malta GC

For further information, please read our review here at:

Mons - The Retreat To Victory

For further information, please read our review here at:

Stalingrad - How The Red Army Triumphed

For further information, please read our review here at:

Tickets For Troops

Tickets for Troops Logo

Tickets For Troops is a brand new and independent charity dedicated to offering free tickets for big events to our soldiers, sailors and airmen.

For further information, please read our new article here at:

UKTV Yesterday - The Spirit of 1940

Tickets for Troops Logo

1940 was a remarkable year in which Britain experienced the blitz, saw the start of food rationing and sent evacuees away from their homes. To commemorate the 70th anniversary of this astounding year, factual channel Yesterday is releasing a selection of TV shows that celebrate the spirit of 1940 during wartime in Britain, and now Yesterday needs you!

For further information, please read our new article here at:

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