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:: UKTV Yesterday - The Spirit of 1940 ::

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Experience 'The Spirit of 1940' and share your story.

1940 was a remarkable year in which Britain experienced the blitz, saw the start of food rationing and sent evacuees away from their homes. To commemorate the 70th anniversary of this astounding year, factual channel Yesterday is releasing a selection of TV shows that celebrate the spirit of 1940 during wartime in Britain, and now Yesterday needs you!

Ration Book Britain is coming to your screens on 15 January, and marks the launch of six specially commissioned shows. To celebrate the first show, Yesterday are asking for your help in compiling an online library of stories and memorabilia from WW2.

WW2 Ambulance Service Photo
With thanks to members, photo taken from

What are your memories of the Second World War? How did you experience life with rations? Yesterday would love to know, and is inviting you to share your experiences with others by asking for your help in collating memories and stories from times gone by.

Getting involved is easy. You can send us your own stories, pictures or scans from a scrap book. Did you keep photos of your wartime sweetheart that has always stayed with you? Or how about sharing a favourite recipe that your grandma used to make? Were you a child growing up during the war, or perhaps you’re a youngster now and can persuade your grandpa to dig out his medals?

Ministry of Food Photo
With thanks to members, photo taken from

You can send your memories in any format by email and we’ll pick the best to display on the Yesterday website for all to see. You could even record a wartime story on your new iPhone, and submit a sound bite! Getting involved is easy, simply visit or email your stories to your

The first commission from The Spirit of the 1940s begins with Ration Book Britain, a brand new, one hour special that begins on 15 January 2010 at 5pm. This particular show will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the start of food rationing in Britain, with a unique look at this period of austerity in British history and the impact that rationing had on individual lives.

1941 War Effort Photo
With thanks to members, photo taken from

Helping to document 14 years of food rationing is chef and passionate food lover Valentine Warner*, who’ll use all his culinary skills to recreate some of the important wartime recipes, while we’ll also hear firsthand memories from the people tasked with keeping Britain fighting fit throughout the WWII.

Send Us Your Stories - Do you remember World War Two? What were your experiences of it? Email us your memories.
1940's Diet Blog - Fried Spotted Dick, Mock Duck and Eggless Sponge Pudding? Is it really possible to live healthily on a 1940's diet?
About Ration Book Britain - Valentine Warner turns time traveller to explore the food and recipes that kept the country alive during rationing.
Read Val's Blog - Valentine Warner explains why he choose to make Ration Book Britain and the memories it evoked for him.
Watch Pathe Video Clips - We've teamed up with British Pathe to give you a glimpse of real news footage from 1940.
1940's Gallery - 1940 was an amazing year - take a look through some of its memories...

Tune in to Ration Book Britain exclusively on Yesterday: Sky 537, Virgin 203, Freeview 12 on 15th January 2010 at 5pm.
For more information visit

*Valentine Warner is available for interview in conjunction with the new show.  |

*All images or video files are the copyright of their respective owners. You may not use any of the images on this site for any purpose without the permission of the copyright holder.*
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