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Intelligent Armour Limited *Updated* provides tactical equipment solutions for individuals and teams.

Intelligent Armour Limited provides tactical equipment solutions for individuals and teams. Our clients range from Government Agencies, Armed Forces, Police, and the Private Security / Close Protection sectors Worldwide. Our aim is to supply the correct operational equipment at the best possible price, we seek to supply the most up to date field tested tactical products and body armour. We offer 10% discount to all members of the Armed forces and Police Services.

HBO Generation Kill - From the creator of THE WIRE comes the new face of American War. Released on DVD 9 March 2009.
Chris Ryan's Elite Police - From Chris Ryan, The writer of TV's ULTIMATE FORCE. Released on DVD 2 March 2009.

From Geordie Land to No Mans Land - In writing his 'one and only' book, George Elder, a proud Geordie, detailed many of his experiences endured whilst serving in the British Army during World War 1.
Dropped In It - Autobiography of a Cotswold Boy/WWII Arnhem Veteran.
Get Some - Prepare yourself for 'Get Some', a gangster revenge thriller that fizzes and crackles off the page like few others. And Military Forums members can download their Free eBook!
Pull Up a Sandbag by Jonathan Smiles - Already been hailed by many as one of the funniest collections of military humour ever published. And Military Forums members can download their Preview eBook!
The Falklands War - Then and Now by Gordon Ramsey - In 1982, Argentina rashly gambled that a full-scale invasion of the Falklands Islands - ownership of which had been disputed with Great Britain for over a century - would put an end to years of political wrangling...

Recommended books by our Community Forum members:
Recommended books on General Military
Recommended books on the Falklands War
Recommended books on the Parachute Regiment
Recommended books on the Royal Marines
Recommended books on Special Forces
Recommended books on PTSD

Books wrote by forum member Simon Bywater:
Honourable Retribution
Forced Out

Fighting Fit with the Royal Marine Commandos

MCD - When You Come Home

PopPace - Warsmoke
Tanks Mobile: Battle Of Kursk

Pen and Sword Books
Pen And Sword Books specialise in all areas of military history, naval and maritime history, aviation, local history, family history, collectables and antiques, nostalgia and true crime.

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Captain Sir Tom Moore - 1920-2021
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Yours Aye - Most used Royal Marines slang.
13th March 20
SafeGuardArmor - What is UHMPWPE in Body Armor?

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