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News Archive 2015

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dear Members,

Military Forums has had a steady year, even though most times have been quiet.

We would like to say a big thank you for your support over the last year.
As always pull up a sandbag, grab a space next to the open fire, munch on a mince pie, and take a tot and be merry.

If your travelling away for the holidays, stay safe and be well.

Please take a moment to also think about our boys and girls currently serving away from home, our thoughts are with them.
We would like to wish them all the very best at this time of year being so far away from their loved ones and families.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

From the Military Forums Team and Forum Moderators

Merry Christmas from Military Forums

Albion Press - Republishing Classic Military Books

We have been contcted by Richard Simpson from Albion Press who republished great classic military texts and books. And we would like to help raise awareness and promote his company and message to our audience and community members.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Richard Simpson and I run a digital publishing company called Albion Press, which focuses on republishing classics books that are currently unavailable. Some of the books that we have had republishing include:

A Rifleman Went to War by Herbert W. McBride

Commando: A Boer Journal of the Boer War by Deneys Reitz

Spitfire Pilot: A Personal Account of the Battle of Britain by David Crook

As well as popular military history we have also published some excellent historical fiction, biographies and women's fiction, but we're also looking to republish more. If you would like to see a classic text republished and available once again just let me know at

I will happily consider any book, all that is necessary is for the book to have been published before 1945.

Best wishes,

Richard Simpson
Publisher Albion Press, an imprint of Endeavour Press - the UK's Leading Independent Digital Publisher
Sign up for the History Newsletter here:

Save Robbie Clark, 96 Yr Old War Hero from Eviction

News has come to our attention here at Military Forums and we would like to help raise awareness, regarding one of our War Hero's 'Robbie Clark' that needs your help.

Provide Home Help for this 96 year old Veteran so that he can live out his remaining years in the comfort of his own home, with the support of his Family.

Why is this important?

One of Britain’s oldest surviving prisoners of war faces being forced into a care home against his will after Brent council refused to pay for his home help.

Robbie Clark, a 96 year old War Hero and ex POW, has spent almost all of his life savings to pay for 24-hour care at his home in Burnt Oak, North London. Now the veteran, who was one of the British soldiers who survived Hitler's 1,000-mile death march across Europe in 1945, only has enough money to last another three months. Mr Clark's son Mike, 58, has been in a two-year battle with Brent Council over funding his father's care since the pensioner lost the use of his legs after a heart operation in 2012.

Brent Council solicitor Fiona Bateman said in one letter: "The local authority believe it is entirely correct that residential care remains the preferred option to ensure that Mr Clark has access to 24 hour care and support that he requires". His family said he may have to sell his home and they fear being in a care home would kill him. Mr Clark, a father of two with four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, said: I have been in my own place all my life. I have got everything here. My family are near and my friends are near. I am nice and comfortable here and I'd not get that in a care home. It would remind me of being a prisoner of war.

Further information examples on press coverage can be found here: Daily Mail, ITV, Express and BBC.

Please help by signing the petition over at 38Degrees, please follow the link here at:

Forum Comments:

Combat Camera: From Auntie Beeb to the Afghan Frontline

by Christian Hill

May 2011, Afghanistan: Camp Bastion is under attack, the Sun's Defence Editor is about to catch the wrong helicopter, and a famous TV war reporter is missing half his kit and wants his trainers back...

For further information on this book review, please follow the link here at:

SafeGuard Armour - Do The Armed Forces Need Ballistic Hard Armour Plates in Body Armour?

Safeguard Armour Mitac Front Facing

Soldiers operating in such dangerous locations as Afghanistan and Syria need body armour they can depend on. To provide effective protection, armour must be designed for the specific climate, environmental factors, and dangers soldiers are likely to encounter: with today's forces fighting terrorism in hot, dry, high-risk locations, their armour must be lightweight yet strong enough to protect against common ballistic threats...

For further information on this news article, please follow the link here at:


We would like to mention a new product that has been developed, that is hoping to take over from Hexi in the field.

Approved by the US and other national military organisations, UtilityFlame™ fire gel is a replacement for hexamine (Esbit), trioxane fuel bars, alcohol and ethanol based gel fuels (including bio-ethanol) and flameless ration heaters (FRH).

A better source of heat was needed to replace those dangerous and ineffective heat sources for field rations.

UtilityFlame™ fire gel was designed and developed to provide a heat source that is safe, stable, odourless, smokeless, non hazmat, non toxic and economical.

This energy source was developed to heat a beverage and entrée at the same time, and continue boiling to achieve purified water in the field. It burns on any surface or in any existing stove. It as an unlimited shelf life and once opened it will not deteriorate.

UtilityFlame™ will be showcasing at The Telegraph Outdoor Show between the 12th – 15th February 2015 at Excel in London, Docklands.

For further information on this news article, please follow the link here at:

If your interested in this product:
UtilityFlame™ on Amazon

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