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:: Tickets For Troops ::

Tickets for Troops

Tickets For Troops is a brand new and independent charity dedicated to offering free tickets for big events to our soldiers, sailors and airmen.

This is a win-win arrangement: brave and deserving troops get to see shows, concerts, fights and games: and we in the world of entertainment and sport get a chance to show them that we think they are the best of the best, and support them with all our hearts. Fabulous!! xxx - Joanna Lumley, Patron

Our scheme sees free tickets for a multitude of sporting and entertainment events handed out to soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
All serving military personnel and any veterans who have been medically discharged through injury since 2001 qualify for tickets.

The scheme has attracted a lot of support and there are a variety of events available.
For details of the tickets available, how to get hold of them and of all the people behind the scheme please use the links below.

Being an independent, not for profit, organisation we rely solely on the generosity of our ticket donors and also that of individuals.
Please visit our Donate page to find details of how you can help.

Or alternatively please feel free to download the Tickets For Troops Brochure.

Since launching in November 2009:
* Over 50,000 tickets have been donated. *
* Over 30,000 troops have registered. *
* Over 60 UK cities/towns have hosted Tickets For Troops events. *

To apply for tickets, troops have to register:

For further information:
The System
The Directors
The Advisory Board
The Patrons
The Supporters

What the Supporters say:
"Let's get behind our troops, let's give them some support and let's show them just how much we appreciate the dangerous job they do for us." - Ian Botham

"This is a fantastic idea and it is heartening and uplifting for any serving soldier or ex-soldier to know that people really appreciate the work they do and this is a brilliant way of demonstrating respect for our Armed Forces." - Johnson Beharry VC

"Young men and women are risking their lives every day and Tickets and Troops is a very simple way of respecting their courage and their sacrifices." - Steven Gerrard

"This is a chance for us to say, in however small a way, 'thank you' to those who are protecting our safety. We look forward to seeing some of the soldiers attending tournaments and I'm sure all of the players will want to put on a good show for them." - Steven Hendry MBE

strong>What the Troops say:
"Little 'perks' like this make a huge difference; it is a boost to morale to know someone is actually thinking of us" - Michael Baker LLOG(SC)

"I think it's a great thing you are doing for our guys and girls of all the armed forces, they work hard in tough conditions and I'm sure they appreciate what you are doing for them." - Dave Sexton

"I had a great day out at Chelsea on saturday. Thank you." - Steve Cowie

"Had a wonderful evening thanks to Tickets For Troops." - Natalie Elise Hough

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