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News Archive 2014

Genes Reunited Autumn Discount 2014

Researching your ancestors and family tree? Did any of your ancestors fight for thier country?

Military Forums and Genes Reunited woud like to help you get started with a 25% Discount on the regular subscription service, this allows you access to Military Records from the Boer War to WW2.

For further information on this news article, please follow the link here at:

A Modern British War Film - Kajaki

A Modern British War Film - Kajaki

Kajaki. The True Story depicts an incident involving a group of soldiers, mostly from the British Army’s 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (3 Para), who were trapped in a minefield while stationed at the Kajaki Dam in Afghanistan in 2006...

Discount to members of the Armed Forces when viewed at selected cinemas.

For further information on this written article and to view the 'trailer', please follow the link here at:


DreemBee Video Toy

Are you serious, I hear you say?
Well yes, it's not exactly military content but this little device is a clever idea. We were contacted by Paul Kuznecovs the creator and developer of the DreemBee to help make his creation known and to get help to kick-start his invention.
With service men and women away from their children, this little video device can help parents to create video content (i.e. bedtime stories) which can be remotely uploaded to the internet wherever they are in the world.

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Perfect Military Gifts

British Military Store

British Military Store specialises in military gifts for anyone, custom engraved lighters, tobacco tins, buttons and much more, and all our engraving is done on site.
You will be able to find that perfect military gift for anyone, great for passing out parades, veterans, new recruits or just simply a great gift.
Order today and receive an automatic 10% Off at checkout.

The Poppy Appeal 2014 Spring Raffle

How would you like to get behind the wheel of a brand new Ford Focus?
Or would you prefer £15,000 to spend as you please?
The choice could be yours if you're the lucky first prize winner in the Spring Poppy Raffle.

There are so many more prizes too. The second prize is a luxury cruise or £5,000 cash, third prize is a state-of-the-art smart TV or £1,000 cash. Plus to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, 4 D-Day commemorative watches for fourth place prizes.

For further information on this written article and to enter, please follow the link here at:

MCD - When You Come Home

Ben van Rensburg wanted to bring to our attention a song he made in honour of the British Armed Forces and his little sister who sadly passed away at a young age.

Ben says, "He wanted to give something back to the men and women like you guys, who fight every day for my freedom, who do such an incredible job and show extreme bravery in the face of adversity. I only I wish i had a fraction of the bravery you guys have. You're all amazing, each and every one".

All proceeds from the sale of the single 'When You Come Home' will be going to the amazing charity Help for Heroes.

For further details please read our article:

ABF The Soldiers' Charity

We would like to mention and help raise the profile of a charity fund-raiser on behalf of Amy, we wish her all the best and good luck.

Amy Walsh is raising money for ABF The Soldiers' Charity as part of her campaign to win Miss Durham 2014. Will you help Amy raise money to help support our soldiers, former soldiers and their families in time of genuine need?

Vote to help Amy win Miss Durham -
Or text THLY66 £1 to 70070

Amy is swimming 10 Kilometres in support of ABF The Soldiers' Charity. Will you support Amy?

ABF The Soldiers' Charity is the Army's national charity and supports soldiers, former soldiers and their families in times of genuine need.
For further details visit:

Amy Walsh ABF The Soldiers Charity

For a larger image, please click here.

An Update & An Apology

Firstly an apology for the length of time since our last update, generally all has been quiet with both the forums and the news front.

We quietly resolved a network issue, recovered from a hard drive crash and slowly been working on subtle changes and updates to Military Forums.

In the meantime we would like to welcome our new advertiser British Military Store where you need look no further for that perfect Military Gift.

So please bear with us folks and we will continue to update you the best way we can whenever possible.

As always feel free to chat away here over at the forums:

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