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:: Combat Camera: From Auntie Beeb to the Afghan Frontline ::

by Christian Hill

Combat Camera by Christian Hill

May 2011, Afghanistan: Camp Bastion is under attack, the Sun's Defence Editor is about to catch the wrong helicopter, and a famous TV war reporter is missing half his kit and wants his trainers back.

Amid the chaos, Christian Hill is preparing to lead his Combat Camera Team on the British Army's first big operation of the Helmand summer, inching through the IED-riddled fields of the notorious Green Zone.

A captain in the Media Operations Group, his job is to promote the war to the British media - and make it look like things are under control and getting better...

The author's proceeds from the sale of each copy of Combat Camera will go to Combat Stress, the Veterans Mental Health Charity.


'A harrowing, warts-and-all account of the human cost to the British Army of the war in Afghanistan.' - Daily Mail

'Excellent... harrowing and witty... shines a much needed light into the chaos and confusion of modern warfare.' - Sean Rayment, author of 'Bomb Hunters' and 'Tales from the Special Forces Club'

'Thrilling, witty and insightful... this brutally honest portrayal of how the war in Afghanistan was being reported will shock some, amuse others and anger many.' - Chris Terrill, Documentary Maker

'Fascinating... manages to enlighten and entertain.' - Kirkus Reviews

'For a good look behind the journalists flak jackets and military press-releases, read Combat Camera.' - Frank Ledwidge, author of 'Losing Small Wars' and 'Investment in Blood'

'Opens your eyes to the casualties on all sides.' - Soldier Magazine

'A mix of humour and tragedy, bravery and bumbling. Drop the Dead Donkey meets the military.' - The Lady


Christian Hill has served as Troop Commander and later Operations Officer in Canada, Germany, Jordan, Bosnia and the Falkland Islands. After four years he left the army and retrained as a broadcast journalist, working as a showbiz reporter in London before joining the news team at BBC Radio Leicester. In 2009 he returned to soldiering as a reservist in the Media Operations Group, serving as a Combat Camera Team leader in Afghanistan in the summer of 2011.

Available in Paperback and Kindle eBook above.

:: Our Review ::

Combat Camera provides a great insight into the life of Christian Hill’s journey in his media ops position form his early day’s right up to the Afghan Frontline.
The easy to follow narrative draws you into his world to which we very much enjoyed and liked.
The storyline seems to be in diary form at most times but don’t let this deter you, it bridges the gap between the truth and propaganda in most war media reports.
With dark humour in hand, this book will sure open your eyes with such an intense interesting read. What enjoyable read and we wished there was more, a well recommended read.

Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to review this book - Military Forums.

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