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Forces Money - Are you missing out on a Tax Refund?

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Albion Press - Republishing Classic Military Books

Military Forums launches new website -

Save Robbie Clark, 96 Yr Old War Hero from Eviction

Safeguard Armour - Do the Armed Forces need ballistic hard armour plates in body armour


SafeGuard Armour - British Combat Body Armour.

SafeGuard Armour - Ghost - Extremely Small, Concealable & Light-Weight.

SafeGuard Armour - Body Armour: The Military Standard Requirements.

SafeGuard Armour - Modern Day Soldier Body Armour.

:: Latest Reviews ::

Book - Combat Camera by Christian Hill

Book - British Army On The Rampage by Sean Connolly

Book - Soldiers Pocket Book 2012

Book - MRF Shadow Troop by Simon Cursey

Book - The Lonesome Commander by Martin Mahle

Book - Wicked Game by Matt Johnson

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:: Articles ::

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Forces Money - Are you missing out on a Tax Refund?
We specialize in rebates for personnel serving or ex. We are a tri service company and was founded by 2 members of the parachute regiment 2 years ago.

The Poppy Lottery Superdraw
Support Britain's Bravest And Win! Start playing today to win great prizes!

The Poppy Appeal - 2013 Winter Raffle
Welcome to the best Winter Raffle ever! Car, holiday, cash… there are so many amazing prizes to win!

SafeGuard Armour - British Combat Body Armour
The British army currently uses Osprey body armour to protect their troops in battle. When in combat soldiers need to be protected against a variety of ballistic threats including being able to stop an AK47 armour piercing round...

SafeGuard Armour - Ghost - Extremely Small, Concealable & Light-Weight Body Armour
With the release of another covert vest, this is one of SafeGuard's most light-weight vest yet!

SafeGuard Armour - Body Armour: The Military Standard Requirements
The standard requirement for body armour as an active duty soldier in the military is an armor made for bullet proofing and stab wound preventing...

SafeGuard Armour - Modern Day Soldier Body Armour
Modern day body armour suits are designed for conquest all threats encountered on the battlefield...

Old 2012 Articles:
Red Letter Days
Giving unforgettable experiences in the UK and abroad. An unrivalled choice with something to suit every taste, occasion and budget. Have a look at the Spy Games and Army Skills that are on offer, including driving Tanks to flying in a Spitfire.

ABF Charity Soldier Challenge
ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is inviting British soldiers to enter a team into the Soldier Challenge, an urban adventure challenge across London, on Saturday 19 May.

ABF Ceremonial Furniture Up For Auction
Support our troops and bag yourself a unique military-inspired piece of living room furniture, designed especially for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.

Lord Mayor’s Diamond Jubilee Big Curry 2012
This annual fundraising lunch by ABF The Soldiers’ Charity for the upcoming Lord Mayor’s Diamond Jubilee Big Curry Lunch.

Current Issues of Warfare Magazine Avilable Now!
Warfare is a free, interactive, online magazine which was launched in May 2011.

Old 2011 Articles:
Previous Issues of Warfare Magazines from 2011
Warfare is a free, interactive, online magazine which was launched in May 2011.

The Royal British Legion Christmas Draw
Thank you so much for supporting The Poppy Appeal 2011 Christmas Draw online. You’re now just a few steps away from buying your raffle entries.

Ministry of Paintball
Regarded as the world's largest paintball company and renowned industry leader. Ministry of Paintball provides indoor and outdoor paintballing venues, sites and popular centres throughout the UK

Protect Military Pensions
Help by signing the petition for the Armed Forces Pension Scheme.

Protect Military Pensions
Help by signing the petition for the Armed Forces Pension Scheme.

The Ideal Home Show 2011
The Ideal Home Show Offers FREE Tickets for Troops to This Year's Show.

Ideal Home Show New Target Appeal 2011
Ideal Home Show targets new record for ABF the Soldiers Charity.

Old 2010 Articles:
BBC - Your Film Footage in Afghanistan
Have you ever served in Afghanistan? Did you film your experiences there? Whether you’re serving or retired, your footage could be part of a unique series...

The Royal British Legion - Exmoor hosts ultimate endurance challenge
The Royal British Legion is challenging super-fit people to race across 30 miles of moor land carrying a 30lb (13.6kg) rucksack.

The Royal British Legion Be The Boss Scheme
The Royal British Legion is helping ex-Service personnel to start up or grow their own businesses.

Studio131 - 'Lest We Forget'
As a small thank you to the men and women of the British Armed Forces and their families, Studio 131 during 2010 will scan and repair images and slides of any current serving or retired member of the British Armed Forces at a 25% discount of our normal charge and including other services for FREE.

Tickets For Troops
Tickets For Troops is a brand new charity dedicated to offering free tickets for big events to our soldiers, sailors and airmen.

UKTV Yesterday - The Spirit of 1940
1940 was a remarkable year in which Britain experienced the blitz, saw the start of food rationing and sent evacuees away from their homes. To commemorate the 70th anniversary of this astounding year, factual channel Yesterday is releasing a selection of TV shows that celebrate the spirit of 1940 during wartime in Britain, and now Yesterday needs you!

UK Armed Forces Veteran Challenge Coin
The UK Veterans Coin is for veterans of all the Armed Services, including serving members. The reverse depicts the three branches of HM Forces. £2.15 from every coin goes direct to Holidays 4 Heroes.

New Face For Poppy Appeal
The Royal British Legion has today unveiled ‘Poppy’, a new virtual character who will front its 2009 Poppy Appeal online and drive the Legion’s social media activities in the future.

Massereene Poppy Badge
A badge commemorating two soldiers Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimkar murdered by dissident republicans. The badges are being sold by Randalstown Distict LOL 22 to raise money for the Royal Engineers Benevolent Fund.

Royal British Legion Resettlement Website
Stars of Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice have voiced their support to a Royal British Legion website specialising in helping members of the Armed Forces readjust to life on Civvy Street.

Fitness Schedules:
Royal Navy Fitness Scehdule
Royal Marines Fitness Schedule

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