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SafeGuard Armour - British Combat Body Armour.

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SafeGuard Armour - Body Armour: The Military Standard Requirements.

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:: SafeGuard Armour - Body Armour The Military Standard Requirements ::

SafeGuard Armour

Body Armour: The Military Standard Requirements


The standard requirement for body armour as an active duty soldier in the military is an armor made for bullet proofing and stab wound preventing. The most common form of vests has been most recently the interceptor body armour (also known as an IBA). However after being shown ineffective against a 9mm bullet the military has traded to strictly using military issued armor.

There is a minimum of two Kevlar bulletproof plates required in each vest by military regulations one for the front and one for the back. The infantry section of the Army however also requires two additional plates one for each side of the soldier. These two extra plates help to further safeguard the soldier from attacks that come from their sides. However this type of bulletproofing has been proven to not be effective enough for the Armyís strict standards. The Army has asked for other private armor companies to try to make them better protective gear.

The vest is big and long enough to cover most of the vital areas on a soldierís body. It also uses ceramics to help make the gear lighter weight so it is easier for the soldiers to maneuver. This type of armor is mainly for protecting the center mass of the soldier only. They also use a Kevlar helmet that is required to be worn anytime the soldier is quote "in the field" and also during any times that the soldier is deployed. The term in the field is simply their way of saying training. So anytime they are training they are required to wear the same gear they would if they were actually deployed. The helmet protects most of their head and drops down far enough in the back to also protect a good portion of the soldierís neck. The newer versions of bulletproof gear, are also equipped with added protection for the soldiers groin area, and also have more protection for the soldier's neck. This helps to keep the men and women who protect us as safe as they can be.

The newer gear to help protect our troops is being tried out by our own soldiers as we speak. However, the testing is being done in Iraq. Majority of the active war is now found in Afghanistan and this leaves many to question why they arenít sending the gear to the soldiers who are more at risk. Well the truth behind that is because the vests are still unproven to be combat ready. The other problem is that while the protective value of the gear is improving the amount of weight the soldiers must carry has increased by 10%.

The fact remains that the armor will still not offer optimum protection given that individual sizing is not done. This is something that would allow the armor to be slimmed and would allow the armor to provide the best protection. Most everyone in the know will tell you that armor that doesnít fit properly makes it more vulnerable to failure. So unfortunately for our troops they are only getting the best of the cheapest protective equipment that our government who employs them can buy.

SafeGuard Armour Ltd

Body armour company and armor designers are now a worldwide brand that sell body armour not only to the military but to Law enforcement, Close protection and even Civilians. They are also the proud owners of an online body armour retailer in the United Kingdom.

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