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Italy army with lots of jokes

General information on Military History.
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Italy army with lots of jokes

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1. The Italian army, which was full of laughter, once could not find a warehouse suitable for explosives. It thought that the church would not be attacked by enemy air and piled more than 100 tons of explosives into the Church of San Nazaro in the middle of the city. As a result, the church spire was struck by lightning. One fifth of the city was blown up in the battlefield of North Africa because of the big explosion. Several times more than the Italian army of the British army, all of them raised their hands and surrendered. Later, the British army wondered and asked the Italian soldiers. Finally, they realized that it was because the ammunition box could not be opened without a crowbar, so they simply surrendered. Among the substances seized by the British army, the quantity of red wine is far more than that of ammunition. It makes people laugh. In World War II, there was a saying in the Allies: "It would be a great shame to defeat the Italian army twice in a row." Because you prove that your fighting force is too weak, you can only attack the Italy army without fighting capacity. At the Battle of Sicily, the U.S. Army dropped "artillery leaflets" which said they could be used as "surrender cards" to bring food and security to the Allied rear. Just the next morning, a group of Italians came running. Everyone had leaflets in their hands. Some people were nervous and asked, "Is this a certificate for surrender?" After receiving the affirmative reply, he all gladly handed over his weapons. Third days, fourth days... The first group was dozens of people, and then hundreds of people came running with leaflets. Once, after two Italian soldiers surrendered with leaflets, they told the US military that more than 60 of their company wanted to surrender but dared not come because they had no "surrender certificate" in their hands, so the US military immediately sent people with "surrender certificate" to bring all of them. Another time, an Italian soldier came to ask for a leaflet so that his brother could surrender. In North Africa, the British Army surrendered to a group of Italy soldiers armed with guns. As the British were too busy collecting booty to manage the Italian prisoners, they shouted at them, "Don't make a noise! Go over there! " And then continue to collect trophies everywhere. In the absence of any means, the prisoners, in search of the British army, had to move around with their guns on their heads. Moreover, because there are too many prisoners of war, the British army has no time to build a prison camp, so long as the Quartermaster gives the Italian prisoners raw materials and lets them set up a prison camp to lock themselves up. Later, there was a story or a joke, whether it was true or not. At the end of World War II, prisoners from Germany, Italy and Japan were held in Austrian concentration camps. Germans organized to try to dig holes to escape from the shelter, Japanese organized to commit suicide by caesarean section, and Italians even when the gates of the concentration camps were not closed, were very cooperative, and occasionally went out to harass lovely girls. The allies are called too cute enemies.

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Re: Italy army with lots of jokes

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The Italians on whole were good soldiers, but due to poor leadership and equipment there heart was not in it, lets face it even their allies dump on them.

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