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:: Wicked Game ::

by former soldier and cop Matt Johnson

Available as a Paperback or Kindle eBook.


A policeman is killed in a bomb blast, a second is gunned down in his own driveway. The Wicked Game has started.

Former SAS and now Royalty protection officer Robert Finlay has had enough of the jobs not-so-glamorous demands and opts to transfer to a local police station. But Fate has plans for Finlay, both of the murdered policemen are former Army colleagues.

Finlay doesn't see himself as the hero type, just a survivor. A 'Wicked Game', where he is the target, is about to test his skills to the limit.

First released on Amazon Kindle April 2012, within two months had recorded over 10K sales. Matt Johnson is a new author, an ex-cop, with an incredible insight into the workings of the police and organised crime.

Reviewer's Comments:
"...enjoy a non stop tale of twists and turns that will hold your attention until, regretfully, you reach the end"
"...good to read a book that has adventure and pace without being over complicated"
"This is the story of an ex SAS cadre, all now serving police officers, finding themselves the victims of what seems a terrifying vendetta from their past. When they start to unravel things, they quickly find that what they thought was obvious is not so clear cut and those that they need to rely on might not be as trustworthy as they thought"
"... the authors time as a police officer gives a realistic undertone to this tale...the story is really, really good"
"A well paced thoughtful thriller... thoroughly enjoyed this book... vividly written"
"This book brings out a whole range of emotions, it made me laugh and cry, it made my heart pound and I couldnt put it down - Please Sir I want more"
"I was looking forward to the commute to work so I could read more, the only disappointment was that I have now finished it"

About the Author:
Matt Johnson is not a typical author.

A quiet, contemporary countryman, he is dad to one daughter and two stepsons. He lives in a converted barn and on a daily basis exercises his four gundogs. A keen biker, he rides a '99 Harley Fatboy and in his spare time scuba dives.

So, what is it that equips this countryman to write a high impact, fast moving thriller dealing with intrigue and betrayal, police and the military, in such a credible way?

A retired soldier and Metropolitan Police Inspector, Matt witnessed horrific scenes in the aftermath of the London terrorist attacks during a career spanning over 20 years. He recalls the moment in 1982 that bombs exploded and the chaos that followed.

"It was July. I was 25 and working in the CID Crime Squad in North London. My colleague and I were manning a CID car. We were among the first on the scene of the Regents Park bomb explosion, two hours after a similar attack at Hyde Park. A bomb hidden underneath the bandstand exploded during a performance by the Royal Green Jackets band to about 120 people. The audience and band were peppered with six- inch nails, causing serious injuries and instantly killing seven band members. It was carnage. Then, on April 17th 1984 I was driving a marked traffic car when word came over the radio of a shooting in St James' Square outside the Libyan Embassy. Our car was sent to escort an ambulance with an injured officer to get it to a hospital. The traffic was a nightmare. The roads were chaotic and blocked up. We were forced to drive on pavements, between bus stops and shop fronts and to direct vehicles out of the way so that we could get to the Hospital as soon as we could. It was a tortuous drive. What I had no idea of at the time was that the casualty was my friend PC Yvonne Fletcher. She had been at a party at my home only a few weeks previously. I only found out when I arrived home that night and saw it on the news. Events like this motivated me to write."

Matt is currently working on a sequel.

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