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:: Chris Ryans Elite Police ::

Chris Ryans Elite Police Sleeve Art

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For those that are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Ultimate Force comes the incredible new true series from the writer Chris Ryan.

Revolver Entertainment presents Chris Ryan's Elite Police, a seven episode series, released to own on DVD on 2 March 2009. Soldier-turned-novelist Chris Ryan presents this fascinating look at worlds elite police forces.

Enter the world of SAS legend and best-selling author Chris Ryan, creator of Ultimate Force and the only man to escape from the failed SAS Bravo Two Zero mission during the first Gulf War, a feat which saw him awarded the Military Medal.

In this high-octane series Chris travels the world’s crime and terror hotspots to train and operate alongside a new breed of law enforcer – the Elite Police.

Witness, firsthand, high-tech weaponry taking on the terrorist threat in Kazakhstan, close combat shootouts in the slums of Brazil, violent clashes with Mexican drug cartels, airborne Colombian hit squads taking out the cocaine labs and much, much more.

With over 5 hours of content this 2-Disc Special Edition is packed with incredible live combat action scenes that have never before been caught on camera.



Chris Ryans Elite Police 1  Chris Ryans Elite Police 2

Chris Ryans Elite Police 3  Chris Ryans Elite Police 4

Chris Ryans Elite Police 5  Chris Ryans Elite Police 6

Chris Ryans Elite Police 7  Chris Ryans Elite Police 8

Chris Ryans Elite Police 9  Chris Ryans Elite Police 10

Chris Ryans Elite Police 11  Chris Ryans Elite Police 12

Chris Ryans Elite Police 13  Chris Ryans Elite Police 14


Chris Ryan : Elite Police
Features previously unseen footage.


Credit: Revolver Entertainment
Release Date: 2 March 2009
Running Time: 300 mins approx.
Format: 2 x DVDs
Certificate: 18
Price: £19.99 RRP


Chris Ryan (born 1961) is a former British soldier turned novelist / TV presenter. Ryan came to public prominence for being the only member of the failed eight-man SAS mission, Bravo Two Zero to escape, during the First Gulf War, 1991.

He originally applied for selection with the Territorial, 23 SAS Regiment after unsuccessfully trying to get into the army as a boy soldier at 16. He eventually joined 23 SAS and shortly afterwards began selection for the Regular 22 Regiment, as a medic. He passed, joining 'B' squadron. However, needing a parent regiment he, along with another soldier who had joined the SAS from the Royal Navy, planned to spend three months with the Parachute Regiment at Aldershot, but after only a few weeks he was seconded back to the SAS to go with 'B' Squadron to Aden, where they parachuted into the sea to secure the beach heads whilst the British pulled out. He then spent seven years carrying out both covert and overt operations with the SAS in various theatres of the world.

He has subsequently written a number of books, including "The One that Got Away" (his non-fiction account of the Bravo Two Zero mission), as well as non-fiction works such as "Strike Back" (2007) and "Firefight" (September 2008). In 2005, Ryan presented a Sky One show called "How Not to Die", detailing how not to die in various life-threatening situations, and then co-created, and starred in the TV show "Ultimate Force". Most recently. Ryan has starred in the Bravo TV series – CHRIS RYAN'S ELITE POLICE. Chris Ryan is believed to be a pseudonym; his real name is unknown.

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