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SEAL Training

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Marines.

#46 Post by Alfa »

mm1306 wrote:I remember reading an article in a newspaper(I think it was the times,o ne of the major newspapers anyway) about how the SBS is apparently incompetent with so-called "SAS sources" to back it up. If anyone can find it I'm sure it would make amusing reading.
I read that article too, they were implying that the SBS weren't up to the standards of other SF because they specialised in maritime operations and so lacked the ability to operate inland. Hmm actually that sounds familiar, oh right that's it.........
mm1306 wrote:In spite of their (very high) levels of fitness and strength it is a well know fact that SEALS are very poor ,by special forces standards, at yomping/tabbing. This is not a criticism of them it is just fact, it is not something that they emphasise in their training for whatever reason. Probably it is not their mission statement to go inland where they might have to tab

You don't write for the Sun by any chance do you? :wink:

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#47 Post by druadan »

Funny how many newspapers at one time or another managed to accredit SBS ops to the SAS...does that make both equally incompetent? Or does it just mean that when the papers start talking about this sort of thing, most of it's speculation as the facts are kept secret?

This is in danger of turning into a pissing contest, so that'll do...seems to have wandered rather off-topic too.

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Always look on the bright side :roll:

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