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:: Recommended books on the Falklands War by our Community Members ::

Recommended books by our community members of the forum.
If you would like to recommend a book please contact us.

Recommended by: harry hackedoff
Book: Above All, Courage: The Eyewitness History of the Falklands War
Artist: Max Arthur

Compelling first hand accounts of modern war by British soldiers, sailors and airmen involved in every incident of the conflict. 'The most revealing and authentic frontline book yet' DAILY TELEGRAPH 'Moving - a remarkable and unique record' DAILY EXPRESS 'No other book has captured the flavour of the fighting as well' THE GLASGOW HERALD.
Recommended by: Andy O'Pray
Book: No Picnic: 3 Commando Brigade in the South Atlantic, 1982
Artist: Julian Thompson

An account of the Falklands conflict from a senior fighting participant, drawing on both British and Argentinean sources. It includes insights into the difficulties and frustrations of command -difficulties not eased by the knowledge that the operation being attempted was balanced on a knife-edge between triumph and disaster, knowledge that could not be shared. Few, if any, of the public knew that informed military opinion in the United States regarded the Falklands operation as "Mission Impossible". Some British Army and Air Force officers were opposed to the operation because they thought it would fail. The fighting on land was crucial to success: navies can lose wars, but only land forces can win them. As Julian Thompson makes plain in this account, the lions' share of the fighting on land fell to 3 Commando Brigade. This is their story.
Recommended by: Andy O'Pray
Book: Through Fire and Water
Artist: Mark Higgitt

The average age of the 199 men on board the HMS Ardent was 23 in May 1982 when she made a midnight run into Falkland Sound, ahead of the British amphibious group. This text tells the story of the frigate Ardent, from Christmas 1981 in Amsterdam to her sinking in Falkland Sound - and beyond.
Recommended by: Sea Soldier
Book: Amphibious Assault Falklands: The Battle of San Carlos Water
Artist: Michael Clapp, Ewen Southby-Taylor

The book details the trip south, during the South Atlantic campaign of the Falklands War. A sound command structure was imposed upon a wide range of ships and men and San Carlos Water was chosen for the assault on the islands and subsequent inshore operations. Contained are firsthand accounts of the air-sea battles and landings that wrested the islands back the Argentine force.
Recommended by: Bringer
Book: Falklands Commando
Artist: Hugh McManners

The first-hand account of one special forces team's operations in the Falklands War in 1982. The book covers: preparation and departure; at sea; planners and hoaxers; Ascension Island; and HMS Intrepid in "bomb alley".
Recommended by: rasto
Book: The Battle for the Falklands
Artist: Max Hastings

A chronicle of the call to arms and an informed analysis of the Falklands War.
Recommended by: tony dean
Book: C.Q.B. (Close Quarter Battle)
Artist: Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis, a former coal miner and likely Welsh rugby international, served with 2 Para in the Falklands before going on to join the SAS. In this book Curtis, describes his gruelling experiences in the Falklands and some of his SAS operations. Curtis talks about Goose Green, the first land battle of the Falklands conflict. The outcome there was to set the tone for the remainder of the war, affect international opinion, and morale and determination of both armies. The first of his SAS operations that Curtis details took place in Iraq where he spent several weeks behind enemy lines. The second, in Bosnia, Curtis found himself working closely with all factions and leading a protection team guarding visiting heads of state.
Recommended by: Topper
Book: One Hundred Days
Artist: Rt Hon Margaret Thatcher (Foreword), Admiral Sandy Woodward, Patrick Robinson

The fact that HMS 'Invincible' had a damaged gas turbine engine replaced under the cover of darkness on 5 June 1982 (See Rodney Burden et al, Falklands: The Air War, p. 238, Arms & Armour Press, 1986) and that with the fighting at an end the aircraft carrier anchored on 1 July 1982 off the Islands sporting a new coat of sea grey paint (See John Godden, Harrier: Ski-Jump to Victory, Brasseys, 1983, p. 79) seemed in Argentinian eyes to confirm their belief that some damage had been inflicted on the 'Invincible' during 30 May. It is of some interest that Admiral John Woodward does not mention these facts in his memoirs. (See Sandy Woodward with Patrick Robinson, One Hundred Days: The Memoirs of the Falklands Battle Group Commander, HarperCollins Publishers, 1992) It should be stated that painting 'Invincible' in the foaming brine, the cold, the yawning swells, with General Winter whipping up 20-foot waves would have been extremely difficult. Worser still the British Ministry of Defence claimed shortly after that the last Exocet missile was fired into the smouldering hulk of the 'Atlantic Conveyor' (See Paul Eddy & Magnus Linklater, The Falklands War: Sunday Times Insight Team, Andre Deutsch, 1982), a story which was disproved the following year in Air War South Atlantic by Jeffrey Ethell and Alfred Price. Admiral Woodward may persist in denying the 'Invincible' had been attacked, but the night of 30-31 May was indeed marked by a single Vulcan bomber fitted with Shrike anti-radar missiles mounting an attack on the Westinghouse long-range radar in Stanley which had been tracking the aircraft-carrier.

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