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:: Recommended books on Special Forces by our Community Members ::

Recommended books by our community members of the forum.
If you would like to recommend a book please contact us.

Recommended by: Bringer
Book: The Imperial War Museum Book of War Behind Enemy Lines: Special Forces in Action, 1940-45
Artist: Julian Thompson

Examines the "golden age" of special forces and their leaders, including: the SAS, Long Range Desert Group, SBS, Popski's Private Army, Chindits, Stirling, Wingate and Calvert. From diaries, letters and other reminiscences, this book features the voice of the combatant.
Recommended by: faddius
Book: Fighting Fit: The complete SAS fitness training guide: Complete SAS Fitness Training Handbook
Artist: Adrian Weale

The fitness plan used by the SAS - perfect for fans of British Miltary Fitness classes. Every year thousands of men and women discover new levels of fitness and inner strength as they are put through their paces to meet demanding standards required for new recruits in the British Army - this book will take you to the same level. Beyond that are the elite: the SAS, Paras and Commandos. Each unit has rigorous and searching requirements designed to select only the strongest, fittest and meanest for the world's toughest regiments. Recommended by a recent SAS squadron commander as 'an excellent guide', FIGHTING FIT's unique and proven training programmes have already helped many soldiers pass these most demanding tests. Now you can join them. Illustrated throughout and including inside information on the kit you'll need, the food you should eat and how to cope with injury, FIGHTING FIT is the comprehensive insider's guide to the fitness methods of the world's most professional army.
Recommended by: harry hackedoff
Book: The SAS: The Savage Wars of Peace: 1947 to the Present: Revised Edition
Artist: Anthony Kemp

This is the sequel to "The SAS at War", which dealt with the foundation of the regiment by David Stirling and its role up to 1945. It takes the story forward to the storming of the Iranian Embassy, the attack on the IRA in Gibraltar, and the under-cover Gulf war. Following World War II, the SAS became a component of the British Army and took part in colonial campaigns, including those in Malaya, Borneo, South Arabia and Oman. Since 1962, elements of the regiment have been stationed more or less permanently in an under-cover role in Northern Ireland. It was at about that time too that the regiment became involved in counter-terrorist activities elsewhere, including England itself. Since then a cloak of secrecy has descended over all SAS activities, including those in the Falklands and the Gulf war. Intense speculation has been the inevitable result.
Recommended by: harry hackedoff
Book: Fighting Scared: Para, Mercenary, SAS, Sniper, Bodyguard
Artist: Robin Horsfall

Rob Horsfall shot and killed the terrorist commander inside the Iranian Embassy when the SAS stormed the building. He served with the SAS during the Falklands war and on subsequent counter-terrorist operations. He tells his personal odyssey from boy-soldier to paratrooper with insight and wisdom. His enemies were not just terrorists: he fought the institutionalized brutality of the Parachute Regiment - and his own inner demons. He learned the difference between physical and moral courage; between officers who expect you to be ready to die for them, and those who actually want you to get killed so they can win a medal. Robin reveals some painful truths, not least the ordinary SAS men's view of General de la Billiere and his orders for a kamikaze mission to Argentina.
Recommended by: Cronkilla
Book: The Joker: 20 Years Inside the SAS
Artist: Pete Scholey

To survive twenty years of active service in the SAS takes a particular kind of man. Pete Scholey, ex-Royal Artillery and Parachute Regiment, possessed the necessary mix of courage and coolness under extreme pressure. He joined the SAS in 1963 and eventually hung up his boots in 1986, twenty-three years later. During that time he served - often covertly - in many of the world's worst troublespots. Now in his autobiography he vividly describes life as a soldier at the sharp end, giving first-hand accounts of the many actions he was involved in, from jungle warfare in Borneo and desert fighting in Aden to undercover operations in Northern Ireland and his part in the setting up of the counter-terrorist team that was successfully used in the siege of the Iranian Embassy in 1980. He outlines the operational skills that took his teams deep into enemy territory without ever being captured, reveals how they achieved their objectives and describes the humour that he managed to find in the most hair-raising moments. An exciting account of some of this century's most sensitive and dangerous operations, told by a born raconteur, The Joker is also offers a genuine insight into the toughness, professionalism and araderie that has made the SAS the world's premier fighting force.
Recommended by: jonboy
Book: Ghost Force: The Secret History Of The SAS
Artist: Ken Connor

Containing explosive details of operations unknown even to 99 percent of serving SAS men, this is the definitive history of the regiment written by an ex SAS soldier of 23 years experience. Connor reveals how the assassination of President Kennedy gave the SAS truly global significance. He tells the truth about SAS involvement in the Falklands War and the Gulf War and about their operation against the IRA in Gibraltar. Compiled from personal experience and the eye witness accounts of friends and colleagues this book reveals the inside story of SAS operations in both conventional war and counter terrorist operations.
Recommended by: jonboy
Book: Not by Strength, by Guile
Artist: Pete Mercer

Pete Mercer was a member of the toughest regiment there is - the Special Boat Service. He was part of dangerous operations that not even the SAS could handle, in the most difficult conditions imaginable. This book tells of his sensational experiences.

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