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Our Journey Comes to an End! Please read our latest Announcement:

:: Pull Up a Sandbag ::

Jonathan Smiles

Only £9.95

A collection of humorous stories contributed by British military personnel.

Pull Up a Sandbag has already been hailed by many as one of the funniest collections of military humour ever published.

Contributed mainly by British Army personnel - with some additional Royal Navy and Royal Air Force input - the real-life tales in Pull Up a Sandbag are guaranteed to have any military man (or woman) in stitches.

An ideal gift for any former or serving member of the armed forces, this book is also a fundraiser for Help For Heroes so the laughter is also for a good cause.

Feel free to download a free PDF preview of the book.

"Hysterically funny - and then some!

Pull up a Sandbag is a brilliant collection of bite sized snippets of armed service humour. A perfect bog-book for home or work, or for civvies who wonder what squaddies do when they are not appearing on TV with Ross Kemp. Warning! Don't read this on a crowded bus or train as the resulting fits of hysterical laughter will have onlookers phoning directory enquiries and asking to be put through to the funny farm to tell them to come and collect you. Some spare four-by-two or a small girly pack of tissues is also a must as reading this book will make the air dusty and cause streaming tear ducts. This book can also be considered as a "how-to" manual if you need inspiration for a wind up or decent nickname for the latest numpty that has just arrived from basic. And if you are an ex-squaddie, matelot or crab don't be too quick to sigh with relief if your unfortunate experience, foul up or wah isn't mentioned - there's bound to be a second volume!"
by Les Howard (
Woodfield Publishing Ltd (the publishers) are donating £1 per copy sold to Help For Heroes, which gives assistance to UK ex-service personnel who have been injured in the line of duty.

Softback book containing 200 pages of humorous stories contributed by British military personnel
Over 18's Only, as this book contains adult humour.

To order your copy today, please visit:
Alternatively order your copy today on Amazon below.

Just a selection of latest readers reviews...

"Got the book for my birthday - Brilliantly funny ! I have a stack of stories which I am sure everyone has! to add to this - love the Iron cross story! LMFAO!" by J. F.

"From the very first story to the last, I kept bursting into fits of giggles as I read the outrageous goings on. If it's squaddy humour at its finest you are looking for, then this book is a must." by Biped.

"Purchased, Received, only a few pages in but my face is sore from laughing so much." by N.G.

"Only had the book an hour, couldn't resist just a little peak, now on page 8 and it's wiped out a whole week of work stress in one go!" by D.H.

"My wife has now started reading it and every now and then I can hear little sniggers coming from her direction, brilliant book well done." by G.C.

Hysterical from start to finish, and heaven help us, the next volume is already being written!

"I finished reading Pull Up a Sandbay this morning, and it is a top book. Very funny and stuff in there that we can all relate to. The Iron Cross story is my favorite." by Sausage 2 (E-Goat Forum)

"Was bought it for my birthday. Brilliant read and could not stop laughing out loud. roll on the sequel." by M.McG.

"Just received 'Pull up a Sandbag' and am laughing my arse off, tho kids and wife aren't that happy!" by R.L.

"Read on the train to the Army/Navy, suprised I wasn`t arrested for uncontrolled giggling." by S.C.N.

"This has to be one of the funniest books I have ever read. You will love this book if yoo have ever spent time in green kit." by A.W.

"Bought it on day of release, thoroughly rivetting read... near wet myself more than once." by M.A.

"Got my book today and have done little else since, without doubt the funniest book I've ever read." by T.L.

"It's already had me roaring with laughter ...from the start." by E.B.

"Finally a book for the serviceman written by the serviceman! An outstanding read, rarely does a book come along that makes you laugh out aloud and "Pull Up A Sandbag" certainly did that! Full of truly hilarious tales and barrack room legends this book is a must for any serving or ex serviceman. Buy it, read it, tell your mates to buy it and what better reason do you need than a donation to "Help for Heroes" This book certainly reminds you of the unique humour that made, and still makes the British servicemen and women the best in the world!... Keep this up and can't wait for the next installment! Well done!!" by A.D.

"Just started reading "Pull up a Sandbag". I was laughing so much that I was crying, when I couldn’t cry any more I wet myself. When I had finished I realised through many emotions (including shame, guilt, naughtiness) that the warm feeling I now had was pride. Pride that I had once been a squaddie, but even prouder still that I know and have worked with one of the guys responsible for this literary masterpiece." by M.C.

"Received my copy yesterday so started reading it whilst sitting in Court this morning, the Judge kept raising her eyebrows at me when I constantly let out little chuckles." by M.A.

"Best laugh you can have in the bog! For those who have got out and for those thinking of joining up, This is a must read! my wife is confused with all the laughing coming from the smallest room in the house!" by C.F.

"Pull Up a sandbag - Having just finished reading this much waited for book it has not failed to please in evoking the timeless memory of being sat together with those who some might consider a motley collection of charming rogues around a yellow handbag, in a civilised mess garden or deep in the heart of an anonymous German forestry block just before last light huddled around a brew and a last cigarette."

"If this description causes a wry smile and a gentle chuckle then I warn you this will also make you howl with laughter and have tears in your eyes, I would say from personal experience that reading this on public transport will attract the attention of all, as you try and stifle the inner squaddie, and no doubt fail."

"I could mention that some stories will not doubt evoke memories of our own sometime near misses with notoriety or not so near misses some will make you remark out loud with the sear genius of the stitch up, thus with a shine pound coin going to HELP for HEROES also what is to stop you ordering a copy."

"(see the footnote on page 41 if the yellow handbag need further explanation)" by Mrs M.I.M.

"Pull up a Sandbag is a collection of short stories of squaddies, their humour and their nefarious activities. This is not a work of literary art, it is a book written by squaddies and about squaddies and reflects the humour required to deal with the day to life of a soldier. It is in a similar vein to 'Don't cry for me Sgt Major' of the eighties and a must read for anyone with a connection to, or an interest in, that great British Institution that is the squaddie. A great read (cover to cover within 24 hrs) and a book that will earn pride of place by your loo! Well worth the investment!! Thanks" by T.H.H. (Singapore)

"Jees, bought this and put it away to take on my holidays. hows that for will power, unfortunately im now on my holidays and havent put it down, My Mrs is not a happy bunny, lol. but this has 2 be one of the best reads and laffs i have had for years, so much rings true and strikes a chord!"

"Bought it in a day......hilarious. The egg banjo story really struck a chord:-) A miserable soggy route clearance in Londonderry, got back to camp only to find the Queens Regt. slop jockey ready to do us banjos & tarmac tea...a seminal moment!" by C.E.

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