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:: Royal Navy Pre-Recruit Fitness Programme - Part 1 ::


Now you have been accepted for the Royal Navy, you will be required to perform the following physical criterion tests during your first week of training.

Royal Navy Swimming Test:

Swim 40 metres and tread water for 3 minutes in overalls, then exit the swimming pool unassisted.

Royal Navy Fitness Test - 2.4 Km Run
Male 2.4 km run Multi Stage
  (1.5 miles) (Score)
U25 11 m 13 sec 9.10
U30 11 m 38 sec 9.03
U35 12 m 05 sec 8.07
Female 2.4 km run Multi Stage
  (1.5 miles) (Score)
U25 13 m 15 sec 7.03
U30 13 m 50 sec 6.07
U35 14 m 20 sec 6.02

HMS Raleigh's Recruits Fitness Test

Squat thrusts
300 yards shuttle run (274.3 metres)

Arriving unfit and unprepared will not only spoil your first week, it will also increase your risk of failure. You should therefore make every effort to fully prepare yourself by following the training programme.

The suggested programme takes four weeks but you may need more time depending on your present level of fitness. You should start your programme NOW - do not delay until nearer your joining date!

Make a daily commitment to your training schedule.

Medical Advice:
If at any time during your training you experience pain or discomfort which limits what you can do, you should STOP and seek medical advice. Only resume training when advised by your doctor that it is safe to do so. This particularly applies if you develop any pain in your knees ankles, back or have breathing difficulties. If you do find yourself being held up in your training by medical problems, you must inform your Careers Office ASAP.

The MOD accepts no responsibility for any injury sustained whilst carrying out this fitness programme.

Points to Remember:


• Good footwear is essential. (Running-shoes and football boots are strongly recommended - they will enhance your performance and reduce the risk of injury.)
• Dress sensibly for the weather conditions and ensure you cover up with something warm after exercising.


• When exercising it is especially important that your body functions efficiently. This will be helped by a well balanced diet.
• Do not eat or drink immediately before or after exercising. Do not be tempted to crash-diet.

Do not worry if you have to train alone (some people prefer it). If you wish, why not ask a friend to join you? The first week is always the hardest, so don't give up - progress will soon become evident. Being fit creates self-confidence by making you look and feel better.


Royal Navy Pre-Recruit Fitness - Stretching
Various Ways to Stretch

Stretching and gently warming up the body are essential parts of the preparation for exercise. Failure to warm the body can lead to injury. You should spend a minimum of ten minutes before and five minutes after each period of exercise to stretch and warm up the body. Ensure that you ALWAYS obey the rules of stretching, as shown here.

If at any time during you stretch you experience sharp pains then STOP. If the pain persists then consult your family doctor. Stretch until you feel a slight pull on the muscle then hold this position for 8-12 seconds. Do not over stretch the muscle.

When you have completed your stretching then jog round in a circle to warm the body up. As you jog round shake your arms out. Bend and flex all joints in the body, warming them up gradually.

The Six Golden Rules of Stretching:

• Make sure the body is adequately warmed up before stretching.
• Always stretch slowly.
NEVER BOUNCE the stretch.
• Hold the stretch between 8-12 seconds.
• Stay relaxed and stretch under control.
• Never ask another person to push the stretch further.

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