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PARA Recruits

All Parachute Regiment related articles, frequently asked questions and other useful information in here.
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#16 Post by fossanova »

plastic wrote:WC is the Rifle Coy, Croydon is the Mortar Platoon.

Good luck.
Didn't know that. I want to join a Rifle Coy so WC for sure then.

Cheers mate.

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#17 Post by Boxingmad »

just got a heads-up on 4 Para in London from a friend who has just returned to them after being with the regs - the new recruits are being beasted hard at the moment. In fact there is a lot less emphasis on military skills and more on fitness. The phys sessions are lasting quite a long time on Tuesday nights and the PTIs are showing no mercy.
What with the current climate, the 4 Para lads are in demand quite a lot so the PT side has been upped a notch in order to make sure they are ready, so anyone who is joining might need to get their fitness increased.
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Re: PARA Recruits

#18 Post by benji985 »

i'm doing my recruitment tests very soon for 4 para d company in newport.
i haven't really done any phys in last 2 years just weight in gym..i ran my first 1.5m test run yest n done it in 10.00 mins flat.. i'm 32 n left regulars 9 years ago so 10.00 mins in not to shabby i think!
is there any certain training i should be concentrating on to pass the para training and p-coy??
i know a lot of running is a must it is the para's after all.
also how long is the training for para reserve, time scale etc.
any help or tips would be great..
can't wait to start!

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