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50th Anniversary Coronation

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From Jim Ellard... on behalf of Charles Hart...

Fwdd Just in case there is something in it for these chaps who were involved on the day, even if it's just to enquire how many there are left
Hello Jim --- Good to contact you again, hope you are all well down that end of the Globe. Don't know if you can help at all, but with reference to the Celebrations that will take place in June of this year of the 50th Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty the Queen. Certain individuals have been invited to attend these celebrations. It brought to mind that many Royal Marines who paticipated that day would like to renew their memories. The Royal Marines Guard of Honour at the Abbey, for instance, I have no idea how many are still with us, neither do I remember the names of those that were in the Guard - I do remember, quite well and with great honour, that I was Escort to the Queens Colour in that Guard
directly infront of the entrance to the Abbey, one other C/Sgt was with me and the young Officer who carried the colour, the names of these two have long gone from my memory. But how wonderfull it would be if some of the Guard could take part in these celebrations.

Has the Royal Marines Association got anything in mind ????
All the very Best to you all Jim

Charles (Hart)
Ex C/Sgt PTI.

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