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Should I join the RAF?

"Flying High" Discussions about the Royal Air Force.
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Should I join the RAF?

Post by Bp5678 »

Hi, I'm a 27 year old guy lost in life and my career.

I went to university and did a sports degree and have been working in marketing jobs since then. I've worked for four companies in marketing since graduating and haven't liked the role in any of them which is making me think this isn't the career for me. Some of those jobs were better than others but that's more a reflection of who I worked with rather than the job (I could've done anything at that company and it would have been alright'ish).

I've handed in my notice for my current job as it's making me really unhappy and life is too short for working somewhere that gets me down. I'm working from home and I'm much more of a people person. Having said that, although I'd prefer an office to working from home, I don't think offices are also for me. I don't get fulfilment out of replying to emails, writing reports, creating briefs, making ads etc.

My interests are:
1. Helping people
2. Being part of a good team. I'm friendly, good natured and like being around good company.
3. Being active / adventurous / exploring / travelling / into fitness / health / outdoors.

A job I've been seriously contemplating is joining the fire brigade. However, someone recently also suggested joining the RAF.

So now I'm thinking do I:
- Become a firefighter?
- Join the RAF (if so I'm not sure what role would suit me as engineering roles definitely wouldn't)
- Combine the two and become a firefighter for the RAF?

Since this is a military forum, I'm not sure how much you know about firefighting but I was ideally looking to weigh up the pros and cons between firefighting vs joining the RAF, eg:
- Pay and overall package
- Hours / work-life balance
- Responsibilities
- Any negatives of each role
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