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As a 14 year old, what can I do to become a Fighter Pilot?

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Air Force.
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As a 14 year old, what can I do to become a Fighter Pilot?

#1 Post by Lappers »

I've asked this question many times on Yahoo answers but it never occurred to me to post on a forum.
Obviously, the job of Fighter Pilot is elite and very selective; I am aware of that. However, I think being aged 14 I am old enough but still have enough time to gain a head start.

I am joining a rugby club soon, am going to join Air Cadets this year and I might do Scouts or something depending on how much time I have.
Also, in September I will find out my GCSE predicted grades which will most likely be B's at least but mainly As and A*'s.

Is there anything I can do to prepare?
The only problem is my eyes aren't perfect. They are not 6/6 but they're better than 6/12 but I am having them retested in the next couple months.

Also, I was thinking of applying to Welbeck DSFC and then studying Engineering at Loughborough then joining the Army/Royal Navy as an engineer for a bit to gain experience in the military and gain in depth knowledge of aircraft.

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Re: As a 14 year old, what can I do to become a Fighter Pilo

#2 Post by Tab »

All the pilots have good degrees and are very well educated. Try looking up what educational qualifications you need to be a pilot then aim for those.

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Re: As a 14 year old, what can I do to become a Fighter Pilo

#3 Post by Hyperlithe »

Whatever you choose to do at college, make sure you do it well, then seriously consider going to university and getting a degree - and if you do that, choose a university with a university air squadron attached.

Other than that I would say make the most of being 14. Don't focus too much on the future, you'll be a grown-up for a very long time...
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