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We need your help - DESPERATLY

Discussions about the Royal Navy Reserve.
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Penzance Sea Cadets
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We need your help - DESPERATLY

#1 Post by Penzance Sea Cadets »

Dear Sirs,

I appriciate this is my first post and apologise for my direct approach.

My name is Matthew Bird, I am a adult volunteer at Penzance Sea Cadets (Reg Charity 300584), for those that dont know, our organisation is based on that of the RN, however we dont get much direct funding from MOD and is self sufficent and staffed by unpaid volunteers.

At current we have a 28 year of safety boat which has come to the end of its serviceable life.

We stand a chance to win £6,000 from the NatWest Community Force scheme - This is where YOUR help is required.

It will take maybe five minutes of your time but could make a massive difference to our young people.

Please follow this link, read the supporting documentation (maybe have a look at the pictures and video), then register and vote for our cause.

Thank you for your support in this matter

Kindest Regards

Matthew Bird
Petty Officer (SCC)
Penzance Sea Cadets

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Re: We need your help - DESPERATLY

#2 Post by Wholley »

Not Sig's then.Desperatly?
moved this Matthew.
Not raining on your parade,just trying to help.

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Re: We need your help - DESPERATLY

#3 Post by Tab »

Didn't I read this else where on this forum


Re: We need your help - DESPERATLY

#4 Post by Wholley »

Yes Tab,you did.
I was just trying to put it where it may get some attention.
I figured the Sea Cadets were part of the RNVR and partly supported by the MoD.
Seem to remember a training ship"Royalist"which had RNVR officers.
Two masted Brig if memory serves,painted-on gun ports and a White Ensign at the stern.


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