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Royal Navy Pre-Recruit Fitness Programme

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Post by ArcticWaters »

yer i have the same prob pal i can do 2.4k on the road in 9.01 but on the treadmill i did mine in 10.03. witch is still good cause i passed,, but my bro he does his 2.4k on the treadmill in 8min and on the road in 9.20
its confusing!! :-?
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Re: Treadmill Problems..?

Post by Hookie »

[quote="BJL475"]Does anyone have this same problem?

I can run 2.4km on road in 9.37
But on a treadmill I can only do it in 13.02

I can never get my balance right on the tread, it drives me mad, the guy at the gym reckons looking at the machine will do this, but if I look straight ahead it makes me worse.

Anyone else have/had this problem...[/quote]

I had this problem. So I duffed running and stuck to walking as fast as possible. Now I'm a pensioner, I can't really justify spending money on gym memberships, so I use my staircase at home. Some times I even go up and down a dozen times without using the Stair-lift!

Joking. Seriously those stairs are a great way to tone up the CV system and your stamina.

'Course, if you live in a bungalow...


Re: Royal Navy Pre-Recruit Fitness Programme

Post by Wholley »

I have two steps up to my apartment and they can be tough after a pussers or ten :drinking:
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Re: Royal Navy Pre-Recruit Fitness Programme

Post by ofens »

"I have two steps up to my apartment "
Phys in the bag.
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