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Worst Hangovers Ever

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Worst Hangovers Ever

#1 Post by dave1234 »

Apologies in advance if this is already covered in some other posting:

1. What was the worst hangover you ever had ?

2. All technical details welcome [ effect on sight, missus, work etc ].

Two come to mind:

Norway: Drinking something called Aquavit with the Noggies and following it with rum chasers [ 151 proof ]. Three days recovery.

Glasgow: Dark rum with Tennant's extra and Drambuie chasers. All night. Thirty minutes sleep. Packed containers had been left in drill hall overnight. Lads replaced all my rat packs and sleeping bag etc with bricks inside my bergan. They filled my water bottle with rum. I put the container on my shoulder and barely made it onto the plane. I nearly collapsed with the weight. Herc did a low level down to Otterburn. Not well. Did two passes over the DZ holding onto that thing. Legs were wobbling like jelly.

Once I'd serviced my chute and put on my webbing grabbed the water bottle and took a huge swig without stopping to smell the rum. Much hilarity ensued. Tab followed. Kept telling my mates "This bergan's killing me" . More mirth. That night could only think about getting into my maggot. Freezing cold in that way that only Otterburn can be. Couldn't face food. Pulled the bergan open for the first time . "What the !@#$% ?"

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#2 Post by Wholley »

Antigua Circa 1970 something ish.
Cavalier rum plus some Pussers' at 18.00.
We did start at 08.00 so no-one else was to blame. :drinking:

Crawled into my scratcher and said"Hello Love,Smile or open your eyes and give me a clue"
Needless to say I slept on the porch :P

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#3 Post by fodd »

New years eve just gone me and about 10 mates iv met all traveling the world were in sydney Australia to watch the fireworks etc to get a good spec we went to cremorne point which is about a mile away from the sydney operah house and new harbour bridge we got there at 9am to get good positions and guess what all we could do is drink and as backpackers we were drinking the legendry (GOON!!!!!!!! A 5 LITRE BOX OF THE CHEAPEST NASTYIEST WINE FOR 10 DOLLARS!!!!!!)to make it even taste remotely nice we mixed it wit mango juice to make sex on the goon!!!! after 18 or so hours and the best fireworks iv'e ever seen we had a very pissed fodd one of my mates fell down a cliff into water I don't know how i got home to my mate lindseys house and didn't wake up till 8pm the next day and I felt like someone had punched me in the head I would go as far as saying that was the worst hangover iv'e ever had and iv'e had a lot!!!!!!!

moral of the story DONT DRINK GOON!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :drinking: :drinking: :drinking: :drinking:
ex nod was diagnosed with chronic compartment syndrome rejoining eventually.

currently in australia as im traveling the world before i rejoin the marines.

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#4 Post by Ste Preece »

My worst hangover was Norway too. We used to get absolutely plastered on pints of wine, shorts and all kinds of concoctions.

Anyway: One night, when I decided to stay off the ale and go to bed early I saw a horny gremlin at the end of my bed saying "Leave The demon Drink Alone" :evil:

I nearly shat myself. I took his advice and never drank until the next night hoping of course, that he never came back!!!!! :evil: :o :D

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