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28 too old to join?

Discussions on joining & training in the Royal Navy.
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28 too old to join?

#1 Post by Ad1982 » Sat 26 Feb, 2011 6:22 pm

I'll be turning 29 in September this year, think I've finally had enough of my current job and looking for something a lot more challenging... Have been for quite some time. Have been interested in becoming a Royal Navy clearance diver for some time now, just wonder whether I'll be the only 'old boy' or whether many people join in their late 20's

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Re: 28 too old to join?

#2 Post by harbinger » Tue 01 Mar, 2011 2:51 pm

Judging from this you should be fine becoming a recruit for the RN.


Re: 28 too old to join?

#3 Post by Wholley » Tue 01 Mar, 2011 8:28 pm

I think you're possibilities of becoming a Clearance Diver are limited at this point.
Most of that kind of work is now via MoD private contractor.
The RN website is badly out of date.No Sea Harriers,no 65000ton Carriers,depleted and ancient AD Frigates and Destroyers.HMS Cumberland(a batch 2 Type 22)was on her way to be decommissioned and broken up until the current unpleasantness in Libya.Of the eight new Type 45's originally ordered only four have been laid down and only one commissioned(HMS Manchester)Her ADRA is hopelessly ineffective,removed and updated from decommissioned Type 42's.HMS Coventry's Air Defense Main Array was blinded when she transmitted to the UK during the Falklands conflict.She was a batch 1 Type 42 Air Defense Destroyer and anti-ship missile technology has evolved somewhat since 1982.Just as well that the"new"Prince of Wales class flat tops will probably never fly the White Ensign,that is if they ever get completed.

Sorry to rain on your parade but all branches are going to have to be picky.The Andrew has taken the biggest hit followed by the Brylcreems.17000 job losses with some nastiness going on in sandy places right now?
I'm sure our fearless leaders know what their doing and remember the mistakes of dis-arming after WW1,WW2 and Vietnam :evil:

Oh,I'm going to move this into the RN section.

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