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Potential Medical Failure?

Discussions on joining & training in the Royal Navy.
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Potential Medical Failure?

#1 Post by Sl33 » Sun 22 Aug, 2010 9:25 pm

Since joining OTC in my second year at university I've been as happy as larry and certain that a career in the military is what I want to pursue once I graduate.

When I started university I had some symptoms of depression and anxiety which I saw the doctor about - no dramas occurred and the whole experience lasted no more than a few months. It is definitely detailled in my medical records however and I'm currently starting my fourth and final year at university, hoping to start the application process ASAP but wondering whether the issues raised by my medical records would incur an immediate bar from the military?

The rules around this aren't strictly defined on the websites and I'm really looking for any advice from current or previous servicemen/ women, or those who may be able to relate.

I also had exercise-induced asthma as a child, never really used an inhaler but was prescribed one after years of being clear in December 2008, which I'm aware will mean I won't be eligable to apply until the end of 2012 anyway. Is there a similar rule regarding mental issues, or does it differ from case to case? Thanks.

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Re: Potential Medical Failure?

#2 Post by Ares-God of War » Mon 30 Aug, 2010 12:29 pm


I dont know anything about the depression but i believe that you can now join after only three years clear of asthma so you could join in 2011.

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