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Medical deferral

General discussions on joining & training in the British Army.
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Medical deferral

#1 Post by Bambino06 » Sat 17 Nov, 2018 7:40 pm

Hey all, so a few days ago I went to selection. I failed my medical because I received a prescription for migraines. So because you have to be two years clear of symptoms she deferred me for a year. I left that day and didn’t continue with my selection.

Then yesterday I get a message on my portal saying that my application had been canceled. I rang my recruiter and she told me that if I deferral is longer than 9 months then I had to reapply for the army. I thought this wasn’t true as I knew people that had been deferred longer and just gone straight back and did selection.

So then I rang glencorse to speak to the doctor who referred me. She said I did not have to apply for the army again and told me that when I’d been 2 years free of symptoms to get a letter from my doctor and send it tithe assessment center. So I tried ringing my recruiter to see what to do and she’s not answering my calls or texts.

What should I do?

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Re: Medical deferral

#2 Post by JMcauslan2018 » Mon 10 Dec, 2018 11:36 am

Hi there,

In October 2016 I was deferred as I have a heightened dust mite allergy which causes a stuffy nose. I was deferred for two years during which I mustn't have had any treatment required.

Once the two years had elapsed I typed up an appeal letter explaining why I feel I am fit for service and also got my doctor to write me a letter which states I hadn't had any treatment over the two year period and no more will be required, as well as his opinion that I am fit enough to carry out the physically demanding tasks I will be faced with during my career.

I sent this letter to the medical centre my deferral came from and phoned the NRC a few weeks later to be told I can re-apply. I went through the whole application and selection process again (Non-Conditional Pass on the Medical this time) and I start ITC on 27/01/2019.

So to summarise, yes you will need to write an appeal letter after the deferral period has elapsed and I would advise also getting some form or further medical evidence from your GP even if it is as simple as a letter advising you haven't required any medication or treatment. You will then have to apply again if your last selection date was over two years prior, however you may be able to return to selection without doing so if it is within 2 years from your previous medical.

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