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Application delayed need help and suggestions pls

General discussions on joining & training in the British Army.
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Application delayed need help and suggestions pls

#1 Post by JoeGarry » Mon 12 Nov, 2018 1:39 am

Hello everyone

Long story short, my application was started 2017 it’s 2018 almost taken almost 2 years applying.
I’m from Colombia half british I arrived back in 2016 as I needed a years residency first that completed and haveing done my assement Center back in August 2017
Almost having my diploma and having my interview it appeared as differed due to medical due to urine in the blood. So obviously I proceeded to speak to my GP and arranged for the test to be taken so I dilivered the results. It took the army 6 months from jan-jun 2018 to answer back needing more medical evidence and do more tests ( pneumonia and shistosomaisis) seeing as I came from Colombia so these tests took more months and arrange the tests to be taken finally having all this evidence put through and send back recently had yet another medical deferral so I was quite eager to get in and I have no issues health wise I done all tests back in colombia but this is anyoing and infuriating seeing as I’ve almost spent 3 years of my life trying get in to the Army having left my home and family for things in life for me it’s the only real career that can help me for both my parents are pensioned and I’ve had to life in very poor and not nice areas so it’s been tough. Sorry for rambling on a bit at the end but it seems like there’s something off about this. Each time the medical seems to literally trying to Cuck me from entering.
Thank you for anyone who can help or recommend what to do if you need any info I’ll be happy to provide it.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this.
Have a good one

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