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switching corps and job role during basic??

General discussions on joining & training in the British Army.
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switching corps and job role during basic??

#1 Post by Soldier1992 » Mon 22 Jan, 2018 11:46 pm


Wondering if someone could maybe answer this for me, i applied to the army to become a infantry officer.

I had a initial interview with a Royal Engineer (don't know why) and after the interview he told me that the infantry officer role wasn't for me and i should consider the royal engineers and to go off and think about it. So after a few weeks i decided that it did sound something i would want to do and got the process started.

Now after talking to 2 friends one infantry and one signals the infantry just seems like he enjoys it far more.

So the question is i do have a big interest in my chosen job role (i even have a degree in it) but say during basic training i like the whole soldier side more than a technical job would i be able to switch over??

My fitness levels and barb tests are all top notch just incase that plays a part

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Re: switching corps and job role during basic??

#2 Post by Corev » Fri 26 Jan, 2018 11:17 am

It makes a difference whether you are joining as an Officer (going to Sandhurst) or as a Soldier (going through BARB test, Basic Training etc).

Officers don't have to commit to a cap badge until they are already in training, so there is quite a lot of flexibility.

Soldiers (which I think you mean here) have to decide which role or cap badge they want before they start training. This is because their Basic Training start dates have to line up with when their trade training starts afterwards.

It is very difficult (not impossible - but not easy at all) to change cap badge or role once you have started soldier Basic Training. Later on, when you have been a serving soldier for a while, it is more possible to transfer, particularly if there are vacancies available and the alternative might be that you leave the Army.

If your heart is set on Infantry, I'd go for that. People will always tell you their cap badge is the best; and it might be for them, but they are not you.

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