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Am I able to appeal again?

General discussions on joining & training in the British Army.
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Am I able to appeal again?

#1 Post by scotlass »

Hi there, applied for the Army Reserves was rejected on medical as I had slight backpain 2 years ago that resulted in an MRI scan. This showed slight degeneration which consultant said was age appropriate and saw no reason why I shouldn't be able to join. Appealed it and they then asked me to do a 12 week exercise regime which I did and sent off the required information. They then sent me an email again to say the degeneration was Arthritis!!! Not once has this been mentioned by the consultant who discharged me after the first review visit and also why was I asked to do the excercise regime if they had no intention of taking me. Wrote back to consultant after this who again has said everything is age appropriate and no problem joining up. The Army have no other evidence other than the letter from the consultant so why are they saying arthritis??? Can I appeal again or take this further? Thanks

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Re: Am I able to appeal again?

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I don't think you would get any where with an appeal. Soldiers carry heavy loads in the field and if you had a back problem things could easily go from bad to worse

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