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pirbright max run time for selection

General discussions on joining & training in the British Army.
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pirbright max run time for selection

#1 Post by matilda »

hi people i am new to this site.

i am joining the army as s militery clerk (agc). i have my selection date which is on the 10th dec. my only worry is my run time.
i am a girl and struggling with the 1.5 mile run. at the moment ith 15 minutes. do you think i might improve this at section or no chance at all. i really wanna join the army.

my pre-selection date is 3rd of dec in london, anyone attending the same date?

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#2 Post by MSI64 »

Max time is 14 minutes so a little work to put in.

If you dont make it at pre selection, then your office shouldnt put you forward for ADSC.

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#3 Post by Leyton1990 »

clerk a fast trak job?

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