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Posted: Mon 06 Jul, 2009 8:58 pm
by MSI64
If you get through selection you will just sit in SMD (Student Management Dept) until a course comes up thats all that will happen mate.

Posted: Mon 06 Jul, 2009 9:04 pm
by sam2009
Ah well it's what I want to do, so i'm quite happy to wait!

Posted: Tue 07 Jul, 2009 9:08 am
by HRH
9 months! that's much longer than I expected ..
thank you for the info

Posted: Tue 07 Jul, 2009 9:09 am
by HRH
9 months! that's much longer than I expected ..
thank you for the info

Posted: Tue 07 Jul, 2009 1:39 pm
by Dixie66
I was told by my recruiter that the next intake for The Int Corps is 24/08/09, the next after that would be 10/01/10.

I am hoping it all works out that i make it in for the Aug intake, but there's two selections to get through in about a month so it'll be a close run thing.

It wouldn't be terrible if i get accepted and have to wait until January...i'll get my Royal Mail Christmas Bonus...50 1st class stamps!!! :D

Most Engineer trades, all Artillery i know are not open until next year. I was told that quick entry jobs Infantry aside are Chef, Petroleum Op and Postal Courier all in RLC...i can't imagine the grief i'd get from the fella's at work if i left the post office to join the army to be a postman! :D

Posted: Tue 07 Jul, 2009 2:27 pm
by sam2009
haha, ye Dixie i'd imagine you would get a bit of grief for that!
That's sound then if next intake is on the 24th of Aug, i'll maybe see you there if everything goes quickly, more likely i'll be starting on 10/01/10 though! By the way, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

Posted: Tue 07 Jul, 2009 2:53 pm
by dwarfy
Hi Sam,

My 2 cents.

As others have mentioned your age won't make any difference unless you allow it too. I'm 27, and have previously been in RT for the RM (aged 20) and I am currently a recruit in the RMR. I would say that you will have to adjust to certain things during Basic that as an older recruit might get to you a little more than others. Obviously you will be more used to your freedom, doing what you like when you like, and being told this that and the other by an instructor who is likely to be 5 6 or 7 years younger than you, might be a bit harder to swallow for you than it would be an 18 year old. You may also find that, at times, under the stress of training that the younger less mature lads/lasses might get to you a little bit in terms of their attitude and so forth and I would suggest with you also being academically quite strong that at times the topic of conversation might not always be what you are used to. I dont say this with any intent to offend any younger guys/girls here, but its just common sense to realise that younger people will have different interests, the types older recruits may have grown out of.

So I do think there will be issues to consider and its best to go in with your eyes open to them.

As i say, I think things like this will only cause you an issue though if you let them. I am very much considering going full time, as at present my current job has made the RMR all but impossible(its the Int Corps that I would be going for). I know that if that happens, there will be times where just stepping aside and letting things be will be the best option during basic and i think remembering that it is recruit training is the key here, it wont always be like that. If anything I feel being that much older teaches you alot of tollerence and possibly puts you in a better position than being say 24/25ish when you are older but not quite so

Of course, it also puts you in a postition to take some extra responsibility as you will clearly be in a postition to help the younger recruits get through things, and if you had considered Officer selection then this is, I am sure, something that would also appeal to you, so look at the positives too.

Best of luck Old Man,


Posted: Tue 07 Jul, 2009 3:31 pm
by sam2009
Thanks for taking the time to type that out Dwarfy, you've cleared up a lot of the issues that I've been thinking about.

If my application is successful then I am going to go ahead with it.

Posted: Tue 07 Jul, 2009 6:05 pm
by Dixie66
Sam i'm 24 years old and from what i've read not a very wise age to be...thanks dwarfy!! :D

The good thing about joining young and i'm talking 17/18 yrs old is that you can probably adapt quickly due to the lifestyle of school/college and pretty much having to follow a strict routine. I finished college at 18 and have worked full time in one job since i was 19, but in that time i have met lots of people, experienced life...good and bad... and have travelled a fair bit. I am joining because i want a challenge, not because there are no other jobs to do or because i would get in trouble if i wasn't kept in line.

I'm glad i didn't attempt to join after school, i was too young plus the fact i've enjoyed my job. Another plus to joining a bit later in life, although it may be very tough starting off and getting used to losing that element of freedom, at least we know how green the grass is in the civilian world and after leaving the army at whatever time we are going back into a world that we have lived in before.

Oh and for me home sickness and missing family won't be quite so bad as a lot of teenagers must feel when they join. We can twist it either way but life experience can't be a bad thing.