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Job Choices

General discussions on joining & training in the British Army.
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Job Choices

#1 Post by Coxy14011993 »

I got 60 on my BARB test, so all jobs should be open to me right as long as i get C's in English, Science and Maths. I told him my predicted grades were English - B, Maths - D and Science - D. But the only jobs he gave me were:

Infantry Soldier
RAC Crewman (Main Battle Tank)
RA AS90 Gunner
Royal Engineers - Driver
Royal Engineers - Bricklayer and Concretor
Royal Engineers - Joiner and Carpenter
Royal Engineers - Fabricator
Royal Engineers - Plant Operator
Royal Mechanical and Electrical Engineers - Vehicle Mechanic
Royal Logistic Corps - Driver

with those grades and the BARB score i would be expecting a lot more choices. Has anybody been in the same situation as me or does anybody know if i am eligible for more jobs or not?


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#2 Post by agapito »

It's a bit shocking your choices are so limited however Royal Engineer isn't too bad. Engineers are hard working but some of the greatest lads.

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#3 Post by Stinky »

You have a very limited selection there. I think i had about 45 and had the same choices. Get the grades and get the careers guy to check again. I know you want to choose soon so it might be worth asking if he has a list of the choices you actually have with that score.


#4 Post by just_me »

Seeing as you have already chosen 2nd Batt, Royal Anglican Reg does it really matter? :-?

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