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Mental or Physical Barrier?

Posted: Fri 18 Nov, 2005 3:18 pm
by Janderson
During a TA RSW, I encountered some kind of barrier. Please bear with me.

I have never taken physical tests seriously before in my life, never pushed myself before this week.

So I was doing as many push-ups possible in 2 mins. I was pumping away through my aching arms and suddenly I was fighting a losing battle against gravity, I was halfway through a push up when all of a sudden no matter how hard I pushed I couldn't push anymore. So I calmly flop to the floor, inhale for a bit and start again. And again I reach halfway and I still couldn't complete the push-up.

The same thing with the sit-ups; at a certain point I couldn't go more than halfway.

Then came the run, as I reach the last bit, the bit you sprint at, I get the same feeling in my legs but this time my hatred of losing kicks in and I find the energy to sprint to the end.

Now this confuses me. At first I thought with my sit/push-ups it was a physical barrier since despite the fact I was 'all in' I was still trying to push some more out. But the fact that I found some energy in the run and that I could reach the halfway mark in each gets me asking is this a mental barrier?

In my ignorance to excersise I really don't know the difference, but if it is (or even if it isn't) how do I break it?

Posted: Mon 21 Nov, 2005 7:44 pm
by cosmo
I guess the more exercise you do, the fitter you will be so the longer and harder you can exercise. :P

Re: Mental or Physical Barrier?

Posted: Mon 21 Nov, 2005 8:33 pm
by anglo-saxon
Janderson wrote: I have never taken physical tests seriously before in my life, never pushed myself before this week.
There lieth the rub!

You can't have a half-hearted approach and be all surprised when things go less than optimal. If you had prepared properly, you probably wouldn't had the negative experienced that you did.

Posted: Thu 24 Nov, 2005 12:00 pm
by Janderson
Heh, I wasn't complaining. I was wondering. Suprised as you all may be, I'm quite pleased with my mediocre score, as it surpassed my expectations and it has given me something to work for... I've never had that before, I mean it was always; Get fit, die anyway. But now that my career (hopefully) depends on it, I finally have motivation.