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Gilly, a man and a legend

General discussions on joining & training in the British Army.
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sneaky beaky
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#16 Post by sneaky beaky »

I've known Gilbert Rex for some 45 years. He has never once told me how he earned his DSM. (Or his MM if it comes to that). Mind you, I didn't really dare to ask him in my early days!! Even later when we became good friends, the subject never came up. He never boasted about anything - and he truly had a lot to boast about. It was not his style. His style was "The Present", i.e. how can we best do the job in hand?
A truly remarkable man. He has guided a lot of us "younger" guys through difficult situations.
Former RM of 23 years.

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Re: Gilly, a man and a legend

#17 Post by Gunter »

not sure whether this thread is still active - but I knew Gillie Howe in the 1970's -80's
when I shot at Bisley and became a member of the Int'l Long Range Pistol Association which I believe Gillie started.

I used a S&W Mod 29 in .44 Mag with an 8 3/8" barrel with an added long eye relief pistol scope (put on by Gillie).

For a short time I was the European Agent for Kengill Pistols
The name Kengill was derived from KEN pratley and GILLie howe and were first made, as far as I remember, in late 1979 or early 1980.

The Kengill was made in 30-30 Win and was a single-shot pistol with a 12" barrel
also, a Kengill auto-pistol was on offer in a wildcat caliber: 9.5x36
the 9.5mm bullet swaged from a .357 and the case formed from a shortened .308 case

I test fired both guns somewhere on the south coast (near Weymouth?) in 1980 and wrote an article for a German gun magazine on these two guns at the time.

Gillie was a good friend and he told some (very few!) stories about his exploits - mainly, if I remember correctly, having to do with the 'round the island' canoe race.

Unfortunately I lost contact a few years later when I moved to the US of A
I have not been able to make contact since and by now, getting long in the tooth myself, I fear it may be too late.

Best regards from Kent

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Re: Gilly, a man and a legend

#18 Post by Gunter »

just found this thread again - seems to be dead...

anyone know whether Ken or Gillie are still around?
getting very long in the tooth myself & no longer able to easily travel to Bisley from Kent -
so would be nice to hear from someone who perhaps has some info.

Best regards from Rochester

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Re: Gilly, a man and a legend

#19 Post by deckrdshaw »

He was the most decorated NCO in the Corps. ( DSM and MM.) At least - he used to be. Nowadays there seems to be a movement to throw out medals to all who have done some useful work.
Gillie earned his medals.
He was also the "mentor" to so many SC rates, passing through the course and a great friend to all!
I rate him as a great man and a very close friend. You don't get that combination too often.

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