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US Marine Helped With New Technology

General discussions on helping the wounded (our soldiers) and other charitable work and events.
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US Marine Helped With New Technology

#1 Post by dave1234 » Sun 13 Dec, 2009 6:52 pm

Mike Delancey is a young ex-marine who was severely injured after being hit in the shoulder by a fragmentation round. The round then went on to cause damage to his spine. When I met him, he could barely move his arms. He now has full range of motion. ... id=7163889

Carpal tunnel problems can be completely eliminated within one to two hours, by simply lengthening the tendons and muscles that have become enlarged by over use. Once these are restored to their correct length, they no longer press against the nerves that cause pain.

A portable unit is being developed for the US military. The nearest units to the UK are in Paris, France.


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