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Assisted Suicide'to be extended'

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Assisted Suicide'to be extended'

#1 Post by Wholley »

A PANEL of advisors has recommended to the government that assisted suicide should be extended to make it compulsory for all patients over 75.

"The very real financial burdens that the over-75s place on the NHS in these austere times makes compulsory euthanasia the only viable solution to long-term care,"said a man in horn-rimmed spectacles."Whilst we expect some initial grumbling from elderly groups,we're confident that once they're dead they'll stop moaning and going on about the war and how expensive everything is."

Members of this forum who are in this category are of course exempt.........

For now.

I'll get me coat :D

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Re: Assisted Suicide'to be extended'

#2 Post by Tab »

I can see Wholley that you are trying to get rid of me.


Re: Assisted Suicide'to be extended'

#3 Post by Wholley »

ME?Nothing could be further from my mind.
Besides,your much too young 8)

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