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Posted: Sun 10 Apr, 2011 5:59 am
by Tdivers
So anyone else on the forum into Motorbikes. No discrimintation like some places i like sports bikes and choppers but generally only ride sport bikes.
Found bikes late in life in fact only when i came to Thailand.
Started off on a new style CBR 150R used that for about 3 months and decided that i needed something a little bigger.
Had a shop around and picked up a Babyblade CBR400. And low and behold a month later i thought sod it lets get a bigger bike so progressed onto a Yamaha R1.
Absolutely loving riding in Thailand however it is very dangerous here. Strange as most of the population drives bikes of 1 sort or another.
You see so many people come here on holiday and then rent out Large sportbikes and drive around with shorts flip flops no helmet and no protective gear (Lets be honest they wouldnt do it at home so why here).
It truely amazes me. Personally i never ride without gear here and was very glad about that 2 weeks ago when someone decided that they didnt like the look of the back of my CBR150 and decided to modify it for me. Lot of damage to bike but not so much damage to me luckily. (thank god for protective gear).

Anyone else had similar experiences ?

Hopefully get round to posting some piccys soon.

Re: Motorbikes

Posted: Tue 12 Apr, 2011 8:55 pm
by Wholley
I began with motorcycles and kinda ended with large classic American pick-ups.
Here are the ones I remember.

1959 350cc AJS.Got into some bother with the Boy's in Blue with this one.The only way to tell the difference between a 250 and a 350 was to count the cooling fins.
I found the only cop in Essex who knew this(or rather he found me)He told me to take the'L'plates off,ride it home and take my test.
I had it anyway the next week and passed.
He later told me that the only reason he knew was that he had done it himself.

1958 500cc AJS.Not much happened with this machine except it was a bitch to start but went like a very noisy wind when warmed-up.

1965 Honda CB75.God only knows why I bought this pile of excrement.Knackered steering head bearings which I couldn't replace.
Got off as it went under a bus.
Yelled at by nice policeman on a Triumph Saint T6 for not wearing a crash helmet(not a requirement back then)

1964 Matchless G11 600cc.Good cruiser,lousy in the windy stuff.

1968 Norton Dominator 600cc.Good in the windy stuff,too slow.

1979 Harley Davidson 1000cc Sportster.Nearly put me off Harley's for life.Bad build quality,unreliable and mostly Japanese.The best move Harley made was to buy themselves out of AMF.

1980 Suzuki GS1000S.Yoshimura gave this machine a little attention.Fastest motorcyle I ever rode.Nothing came near it in a straight line but you had to be very brave to chuck it around.
It's long frame was a little bendy and above 160mph it could get itself into a killer speed flex.
Happened to me once but I knew enough by then not to shut down or brake.Just pulled myself up on the tank which changed the CoG just enough,and I mean just.......

2005 Harley Davidson Wide Glide 80cu.Great for posing and highways.
Had all the shiny stuff and forward controls.

That's it,I think.

Beast has some wonderful advise on falling off :whistle:

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Posted: Sat 16 Apr, 2011 3:50 am
by Tdivers
Wholley wrote:I began with motorcycles and kinda ended with large classic American pick-ups.
Here are the ones I remember.

Beast has some wonderful advise on falling off :whistle:
Come on Beast dont be shy.

I havent fallen off yet but ive been knocked off. And was dam lucky.

Thailand is very dangerous.

Am pretty new to biking but love it.

Re: Motorbikes

Posted: Sun 17 Apr, 2011 1:28 pm
by Beast
I know Thailand can be a dangerous place to ride, as i always get reports from a friend who rides alot out your way.

Yup im always falling off, expecially on my CBR600 Stunt bike!
Had 3 no fault accidents, one being serious in 2004.
Too many idiot cage drivers on the road who no longer indicate or look.
But also currently riding a CBR1100 Blackbird, which im loving.
If i could keep a Harley nice and clean i would own one... but stuff all that polishing... might have to wait until i retire for the extra time. :roll: