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A Happy Christmas not a 'merry' one,

Posted: Fri 24 Dec, 2010 7:55 am
by Rover
Thinking of having a drink then driving?? :drinking:

Have a safe Christmas.


Re: A Happy Christmas not a 'merry' one,

Posted: Fri 24 Dec, 2010 1:10 pm
by Wholley
Aye to that Rover.
In the line of duty I've cleared the wreckage of many a fatac.
My boss came up with a real good idea whereby patrol officers would give intoxicated persons a ride home. They turned over the keys to their vehicle which they could redeem after 24 and giving BAC below .02.
Worked well in my part of the world as there are no buses,limited cabs and the nearest payphone could be a good twenty minutes stagger.

Happy Crimbo.

Re: A Happy Christmas not a 'merry' one,

Posted: Fri 24 Dec, 2010 9:42 pm
by sportbilly42
Ditto the above..... A safe Christmas to all our readers..... :x-mas:

We could do with having these 'sobering' adverts on TV over Christmas....The Aussies are bit more open to having the hard-hitting messages on TV....

I work in Traffic Management and Road Safety with the local Council and was in Roads Policing beforehand, so have attended a fair number of fatal RTAs.... It's not nice at any time but don't do something silly folks over Christmas (puts a bit of a downer of the Christmas festivities) And if you get caught drink driving these days there are huge consequences to live with even if there's no accident to deal with......

Re: A Happy Christmas not a 'merry' one,

Posted: Wed 29 Dec, 2010 5:14 pm
by gunner75
I second that as iv found out the hard way. DONT do it. simple as that. no matter how sober you 'think' you are or how many hours have passed since last drink, or keeping to the quiet roads or driving in the early hours DONT do it. If you get caught over that 35mg limit your looking at a ban, a fine to boot, court costs, solicitors fees if any, cost of a rehabillitation course 'if' your granted one, increased insurance costs and not to mention a criminal record. DONT do it. A belated merry christmas and happy forthcoming new year to you all from myself.