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Bloody Students!!!!

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Bloody Students!!!!

#1 Post by MSI64 »

My old man whinge of the day!

University students!!!!
The country is in turmoil but still they dont want to pay more for their education.
Here is an idea
If after you have got your degree, you get a job relevant to that degree then the Govt will give you back your Fees
If you dont when you dont get anything!!!
Becoming a Doctor??? get a degree and your cash back
Becoming a teacher??? same deal
Do a Media studies Degree and do nothing then no cash back!!!

You go to University to enhance your education to get the job/career you have your heart set on
Good education=Good job= Good pay!! Therefore you have the cash to pay back your school fees

My son is five and already we are saving for his college fund.
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Re: Bloody Students!!!!

#2 Post by Tab »

The thing is these days that every one thinks that it is the state that should pay for every thing and that they have no responsibilities to do any thing for them selfs. This seems to follow them right threw life right up to they become pensioners then it is the states responsibility to make sure that they have enough money to keep them in a state we would all like to become accustomed to, even if they have not saved a penny to help them selfs.

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Re: Bloody Students!!!!

#3 Post by Hyperlithe »

I actually have some sympathy with uni students in England (ignore the fact that I used to be one for a moment, this is why...)
Students in Scotland and Wales are still getting to do degrees for free!!!

I think university education is not a right, but a privilege, to be earned through academic excellence.
Those people who can't afford to go to uni should be looking to companies to sponsor them, and a lot of engineering, science and research type establishments should be providing bursaries to help get the less well-off but intelligent onto degree courses in relevant subjects, in return for a set period of employment with them afterwards.

Mind you, I also think that having kids is a privilege and not a right, and if you can't afford to bring them up then you shouldn't have them, and if medical problems mean you can't have them naturally then the state shouldn't be paying for unlimited IVF treatment.
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Re: Bloody Students!!!!

#4 Post by sportbilly42 »

School students consider it to be part of the natural order of things these days....

You get your GCSEs, do your A Levels, go off to Uni on ANY course, then come out of Uni and get a job with a £35k salary.... It just happens like that... and that's how it's sold to them by their teachers who don't seem to live in the real world (or at least don't seem to want to break the bad news to their pupils)

We had a number at my work recently who thought the world owed them a living and that 'work' exclusively involved 7.5 hours of daily Facebooking their mates.....

Two of these 2:1 graduates were shown the door after a week as they just couldn't adapt to the real world..... It's a shame that so many just waste the three years of education potential....

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