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Once popular words that have now fallen out of common use

Non Military Chat. A place for chats or dross and down right pointless posts, you decide.
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#16 Post by Artist »

Shoulderholster wrote:"Mind that white dog shite".
Do you want a piccy of the stuff Shoulders?

Our Mutt eats ought and sometimes I make of point of leaving his Output alone for a few day if it looks like going white. For you dear Sir the World!



OK, piccy of a Nun beating the crap out of a Viking required ASAP Oppo. OK? :D


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#17 Post by BritinAfrica »

Ten Bob
Half a Crown
Titfer, or titfertat
Old Bill who calls you Sir or Madam.

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#18 Post by misdameaner »

marathon bar

thats the wonder of woollies

lbs + ounces

2nd battalion the [insert any county] regiment.

warsaw pact / soxmiss

operation banner

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#19 Post by London Boy »


NBC (or the really,really old ABC. A= atomic) now of course CBRN and CBRNE

58 webbing - I was still using the 58 in 82.

Rogue Chef

#20 Post by Rogue Chef »

Battle bowler - Steel helmet.

Yaffling spanners - Knife, fork and spoon.

Not common terms, but my Section Corporal in training used them.

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#21 Post by sportbilly42 »

Put you on a fizzer...



#22 Post by anglo-saxon »

"Gold top" (milk)

"NATO standard" - tea with 2 sugars

" Ten bob 4-piece" - fish and chips for me mum and us three kids.

"Thrupney cone" - little newspaper cone of sweets I used to get from the corner shop in the late 60's.

"Tuck shop" - where us litluns used to buy our "jammy dodgers" and curly red licorice.

"What's said in the Mess. stays in the Mess!"

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#23 Post by Hyperlithe »

NATO standard is still very much in use! Most people are going Julie Andrews these days though for health reasons.
(Well, where I work anyway...)
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#24 Post by chrischance »

'Pint of Mother-in-law please' = old and bitter, (bottle of old ale mixed with bitter).
Capstan Full Strength.
Hob-nail boots.
Crikey! I could go on but I'll feel my age if I do.
'Beneath the Poppy Fields'
'The Assassins Code 1'
'The Lone Brit on 13'
'Satan's Arena'
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#25 Post by Tab »

Clog Dancing, and by heck could some of those chaps make the sparks fly

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