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Allergies stopping me joining

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Allergies stopping me joining

#1 Post by Sturner1995 » Sun 02 Feb, 2020 2:17 am

Hello I know that the whole anaphylactic shock with regards to allergies (in my case nuts) is not allowed in the military but I was wondering what everyone’s take is on it? I tried to join when I was studying public services at college and I’ve wanted to join since I was 14 but I have a somewhat problem when it comes to nuts. I know it comes in ration packs etc but I always thought it would be a kind of “it’s your own issue, solve it” type thing which I was cool with.

I understand that the military have to take measures and stuff but I thought if you were aware of your allergies and whatever you would be at least allowed to sign a form stating that if anything were to happen then it would be of my own accord?

I know I’m not allowed to join but I would love to get other people’s option on the matter?

Thank you

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Re: Allergies stopping me joining

#2 Post by mancini » Tue 19 May, 2020 7:57 am

In my opinion , A a military person is person who is 100% fit and available to face any kind of situation at any time regardless of any issue. So, I think they are following ideal principles. In your case, you'd better meet a medical consultant to check if there is a permanent solution to cure your allergy which lead you to join

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