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Rekindle old friendships, reunite with lost & found.
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Beachley Boy
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#1 Post by Beachley Boy » Sat 24 Jul, 2010 2:55 am

Hi there, is anybody on this site an ex Beachley Boy - Army Apprentice School/College, Chepstow ? I was there 63-66. My army no.was 23982021, you never forget ! Moved to Australia with my family in late 66, been back a couple of times to UK and visited the old AAS barracks, Army Apprentices shut down there in the early 90's I believe. Now is a Regular Army Depot, not sure who is residence there now.

Are all the Army Apprentice facilities in UK now defunct ? :-?

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#2 Post by sportbilly42 » Fri 29 Oct, 2010 7:14 pm

I'm ex Beachley.... Joined the Army Apprentices College as a fresh faced lad in '77 aged 16 (and two weeks) and left as a spotty faced 'erbert in '79..... Aahhh... those runs with logs...... along the stinkin' Beachley mud flats when the tide went out..... fair brings a tear to my eye.... I'm sure we lost a few in the mud...

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#3 Post by maco » Mon 28 Feb, 2011 9:40 pm

Saw your question and yes there are loads of us Beachley Boys about. There is a thriving "Old Boys" association who meet once a year over the third September weekend in Chepstow for a reunion but there are many other smaller shindigs. Our "lads" return from all over the world to meet their mates (understandably not many rave about conditions in the barracks!) and we number about 750. There are a couple from my own intake 58B from Australia and I was one of those kidnapped by the local female fraternity, never escaped! The college shut down in 94 and is now occupied by the 1st Rifles who allow us in during the weekend for trips down memory lane and the odd reunion has been held there. You can catch up on the activities on our website

http://armyapprenticescollege.homestead ... epage.html

You may be able to make contact with those you served with and there is a library of old photographs etc.

Hope this helps ~ Mac

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#4 Post by junkie » Wed 02 May, 2012 7:09 pm

couple of years late but still hope you get it. I am in Canada
No 23982102 pretty close to yours. Dave

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#5 Post by daveg » Mon 03 Sep, 2012 6:24 am

My name is David Garner
I started at AAS chepstow in January 1959 in Group 59A
My intake was one of the very first to be in J Company,
My army number was 23697469 (who can ever forget their army number!!!),
I graduated in December 1961 from A Company as a vehicle Mechanic in REME,
My first posting in 1962 was at SEME (Bordon,Hants) to upgrade to A Vehicles,
after that I went to BAOR attached to 50 Missile Regt RA LAD REME stationed in Menden, I moved on to Iserlohn with the LAD attached to the RWF, eventually the unit and its LAD moved to Minden, during my time with the RWF I served in CYPRUS in 1966, Returning to BAOR, I applied for a posting and was sent to Aden with the LAD attached to the SWB, before moving down to Botswana in 1967 stationed in Francistown near the border of Rhodesia (as it was called then), on leaving Botswana I returned to Aden before Moving back to the UK with the SWB LAD,
Eventually I was posted from the SWB LAD and went to Tidworth to The Divisional Support Workshop REME
From here I was demobbed as a Cpl in 1969
I started my civillian worklife at Vauxhall Motors in 1969 at Luton (where I was born) and then I emigrated to Australia in 1974 working at GMH here in Melbourne and I eventually left GMH in 1983 to become a TAFE teacher in motor mechanics. I then left TAFE and became a Training Consultant working for myself.
I am now retired, fast approaching 70 !!!!
I would very much like to hear from anyone who served at Beachley camp especially the late 50's and early60's
My Email is
Best Regards
David Garner (ex 23697469 cpl REME, 59A group A Company)

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