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British Forces Reunited

Rekindle old friendships, reunite with lost & found.
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British Forces Reunited

#1 Post by dave »

pleased to announce that website is about to undergo major redesign
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Crap Site

#2 Post by Mutley »

My vote,
Crap site, not worth a visit
Wein, weib und gesang



El T

#3 Post by El T »

Mutley, you are far too polite ..........

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#4 Post by ratso »

With so many of these boards now on the web we really have to see some thining out and I'm afraid this one gets my thumbs down at present also. They all help to spread the word but they also help to make life difficult for the casual browser. Too many now are charging admission which in some cases is good as the money goes to charity but in othres you pay and get nothing in return.
So please stop confusing everyone the internet can only take so much before everyone gets hacked off with it. As we have seen already.
We have something good here and it's free..... Don't go getting any ideas mind.....
This one has the makings of something good but thats my opinion and we are all into different things that is human nature.....
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I of course agree

#5 Post by »

As I am the webmaster of the largest database of forces and ex-forces personnel run by ex-forces personnel(to my knowledge) at fast approacing 20,000 thousand I would of course have to agree!

What amazes me is that all the sites seem to be incrediblt well marketed yet the new ones spring up thinking they can also make their million!

Let me tell anyone else who thinks like that, we are free and people arent prepared to pay, which is why were running at a loss at the moment!

A situation we hope to eradicate with our online shop opening very shortly.

Tara for now.

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