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Bob (Chopper) Harvey

Rekindle old friendships, reunite with lost & found.
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This request is on behalf of Bob - unfortunately Bob's email address is undeliverable so leave any messages here and he will pick them up. Bob can you email me your email address again please.

================Message from Bob===============

I should have introduced myself:- Bob (Chopper) Harvey, RM21448, 1962-72, LC2, Served 45,41,Poole,Fearless,Eastney,Poole,3SBC (Singers), Poole then outside.Followed by 28 Years in States Police Jersey now retired but still in Jersey working for a Law firm.Known to many in Poole area incl Sharkey, Geoff Haywood, Mitch Allen, "Boots" Allistone, Pete Wilkins etc etc
Yours Aye
Yours Aye
Tony L

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