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TA working hours

Discussions about the Territorial Army.
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TA working hours

#1 Post by OfficeDrone »

Hi, hopefully someone here can help!

I'm interested in joining the TA, either 6th Scots or 7 Scots, but I'd like someone to answer a simple question. Is it possible to work more than the 2 hour training night and every other weekend?

I have a bit of free time and I'd like to offer as much as I can to the TA. I've tried calling the Army career line as well as the TA offices but no one has been able to answer my question - anyone able to help?

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Hielan' Laddie
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Re: TA working hours

#2 Post by Hielan' Laddie »

Yes, it is possible. You can go away every weekend if you want!

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