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Army Sports Teams

Discussions about the Territorial Army.
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Army Sports Teams

#1 Post by TomN »

Hi all.

Looking to join the TA soon, hopefully in REME. Going to speak to a local base tomorrow night about it.
Its the 7th Rifles base, down near Abingdon.

Do the TA have their own rugby teams? And do different regiments like REME have their own rugby teams?

I play for my local team anyway and would love to get involved.
Got a lot of fitness work to catch up with first though. Just did my first run in months and did 3 miles in 31 minutes. Just blowing the cobwebs out of the lungs.


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Re: Army Sports Teams

#2 Post by Tab »

You will have to ask them just what they do in the sports line, but sports are encouraged in the forces and I don't think the TA will be any different.

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Re: Army Sports Teams

#3 Post by Millar »

As Tab stated Sports is a huge part of the Army

Found a useful link for you, I presume TA have the same approach to Sports Teams as the Regulars: ... /1052.aspx

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