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TA friendly jobs????????

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TA friendly jobs????????

#1 Post by gt1980 »

A lot of people mention that the numbers in the TA are dwindling somewhat.

Me personally, believe that this is due to the reduction in mon-fri jobs as in todays day and age general shifts are now 5 out of 7. Gone are the days when on a sunday no shops would be open so you had no other choice but to get those little jobs done or chill out. I think this has lead to people being less organised when it comes to getting the necessities because they go out pretty much anytime they want to get it.

I went to a job interview last month and it was for a global company, however the site i went for the job at was a small one. My interview was going really well until i mentioned that i wanted to join the TA and wanted to know what the companies stance was on that. As soon as i mentioned it I may as well have got my coat. They never come across anyone being in the TA before and didn't know what if any time off I'm allowed, that was probably the issue 'time off'.
In the experience i've had in job hunting over the past month or so, I've found that there are very little mon-fri jobs out there and more so just doing normal day shifts, so if i got a job I probably wouldn't be able to do the TA. However I am starting a job in March which will support my training needs in the TA strictly because it has a massive 'student' workforce that can only work weekends art time. This job is only seasonal so what do i do when it comes getting another job and chances are i'll have to quit the TA.
I have applied for the reg army but my wife has certain preservations on this.

Is there many people out there that are in a similar situation, or sort of jobs do have to enable you to juggle work, private and TA commitments???????????
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#2 Post by jstagg »

Well i know it's not 100% relevant to you're post but as soon as my boss found out i applied to join the army he made my time at work crap, and couldn't wait to get me out of his hair, doing anything possible. i think in this period of time in the country you'd be hard pressed to find a job that will allow you 'time off' to do T.A training ect.
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#3 Post by Hands on »

You might want to try over here the question has been asked a number of times and there was a list of good company's to work for.

I work for the civil service, although not In Britain. I get 8 weeks paid holiday and 1 month unpaid for the TA, so I have 3 months at my disposal.

I am lead to believe the civil service and other government jobs do help out employees who are In the reserve services.

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