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Afgan Tour

Discussions about the Territorial Army.
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Afgan Tour

#1 Post by Wicksieboiirafreg »

Hi im in the T.A just about to do my CIC training. Im lookin at doing an afgan tour in 2011. I would just like to know from anyone that has been there with the T.A. Before you went what kind of medical checks were there? Do they check doctors records or just give you a midical then send you to a regular attachment.

Let me know! :)

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#2 Post by Hands on »

If you are In training then they should have your medical records already, but you will have a medical and dentist check up at Chilwell before you start beat up training and then deploy.

green boil
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#3 Post by green boil »

If ure in the infantry there must be a fair few lads in ure unit that must have deployed to afghan before why not ask them or ure PSI

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