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Advice for the mrs

Discussions about the Territorial Army.
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Advice for the mrs

#1 Post by alhandra »


My other half is thinking of joining the TA, but I am finding that there is a worrying lack of information about it on the web. Just wondered if you guys can give me an overview of what it's really like? Does the TA get deployed and how likely is that?

Thanks guys

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#2 Post by Hands on »

Hi, yes they deploy and there are more tours then we know what to do with, the army Is very overstretched.
They do explain this to people now before you sign on the dotted line, they are trying to do intelligent mobilisation at the moment this means they want people to volunteer instead of being told they are going like It was a few years ago.

There are some trades that are still being called up with out a choice and some that the pressure to volunteer Is bigger then In others, you also
have to remember that just like the regs a lot of the reserve forces have done a lot of tours so the volunteers are going to start drying up.

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